With aluminium spring-loaded frames, you can present your advertising media in a wrinkle-free and high-quality manner.
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Presentation of Advertising Media Made Easy

Spring-loaded frames are frames made of aluminium that stretch posters and billboards with the help of spiral springs. The advertising media are thus presented in a crease-free and high-quality manner. The frame is made of an oval tube profile, a round tube profile or a square profile. Below we present our range of decorative aluminium spring-loaded frames.

The right Frame for your Media

The print media can be set in scene in just a few steps. The thin aluminium frame houses spiral springs in its four corners. Depending on the article, crocodile clips or plastic clips are attached to these springs. The poster is attached to these clips. This is done by simply clamping the four corners of the poster into the clamps on the four corners of the spring-loaded poster frame. And the frame is ready for display.

When changing the advertising message in the frame, proceed according to the same principle. First the four clamps are released from the old poster and then the new poster is clamped in place. The spring-loaded frames are available in different DIN formats.

Flexible in Use: Spring-loaded Frames

The models from our online range are not only easy to handle, but also easy to assemble. Thanks to the aluminium material, the spring-loaded frames have a super light weight.

Without being bound to a certain weight, the poster frames can of course be used flexibly. Acrylic feet are available for floor use. There are suspension eyes so that the items can be suspended from the ceiling. There are also holes in the plastic corners for wall mounting.

As you can see, we offer spring-loaded frames for all areas of application. The items can be easily placed on counters and tables, hung on walls or suspended directly above the goods. They can be attached or placed in portrait or landscape format.

Frames directly from the Manufacturer

The lightweight and versatile spring-loaded frames are manufactured directly by us. As the manufacturer of the articles, we are happy to advise you in all areas of application.

With regard to the environmental aspect, our aluminium frames are dismantled after production and packed and delivered in the most space-saving way possible. In this way, we save unnecessary packaging material and the package takes up less space in the parcel deliverer's company car. This keeps the CO2 footprint of the package at a lower level. Due to the simple slot together principle of the frames, they can be put together again within a few minutes.
If you need other formats or an article with very special properties, then simply ask us for a custom-made product. As a producer, we have many possibilities in the area of article customisation. We look forward to your enquiry!
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