Display boards, such as chalkboards or slate effect boards, are important articles in the field of sales promotion as information boards and advertising boards. They are mainly used as boards for offers and information. Whether classic chalkboard, whiteboard or planning board - our inscription boards put your offers, information, news and daily specials in the foreground. With our large selection, we are sure to have the right board for you.
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Display boards in a wide variety of designs and sizes

There is a wide range of lettering boards for indoor and outdoor use in various designs and sizes. Slate boards or chalkboards are often used as information boards or advertising boards and are important sales promotion tools. Whiteboards, presentation boards and planning boards can also be used to support the presentation of your offer. For example, choose our classic chalkboards with wooden frames to present current drink or food recommendations for your restaurant. If you're looking for a modern whiteboard with a storage compartment, you've also come to the right place. For a multifunctional solution, a 360-degree rotating tripod whiteboard with castors could be just the thing. Decide for yourself which type of inscription board best presents your offer.

Display boards as important information sources and attention grabbers

Lettering boards and information boards are an ideal way to draw the attention of passers-by or visitors to your offer from afar. They not only serve as information boards and planning boards, but can also be used to introduce employees in the entrance area of a department or the company. 

The magnetic board set with photo pouches is, for example, a very versatile lettering board variant to introduce the employees in the entrance area of a department or the company. All important information about the department, the company, etc. is available at a glance on this generous board.
For presentations, meetings or workshops, moderation boards and whiteboards are very popular. The flipchart Vario with quick clamp and flexible suspension points offers a practical basis for expressive presentations. If you are looking for a flexible timecard board, this is an ideal tool for monthly planning in your department or company. The board has a profile bar at the top and bottom that can be labelled and also serves as a wall mounting.

Exactly the right display board for every need - here in the online shop

Our range of display boards is extremely diverse. Of course, the choice of model depends heavily on the desired purpose. Do you need a clear planning board or rather a moderation board that supports presentations and meetings? With a classic chalkboard or slate blackboard, you will usually attract attention to your offer from a distance. Find out more about the large selection of chalkboards in our online shop: whether for standing up or wall mounting, one-sided or double-sided inscribable with chalk or highlighter. Find the right lettering board for indoor or outdoor use that perfectly suits your company and the desired area of application here, and secure the right accessories for your lettering board or whiteboard right away, such as waterproof Posterman pens, wipe-off board markers and much more!
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