Particularly in the hotel and catering sector, chalkboards and slate-effect boards are used for labelling offers - lunch menus, promotions and opening hours - the change of information is particularly quick and easy thanks to the individual labelling.
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Chalkboards and Blackboards for Your Business

Chalkboards and slate blackboards are strong and decorative sales aids, which can be used indoors and outdoors. It doesn't matter whether they are used as eye-catchers on the street, in front of cafes or restaurants, as memo boards or blackboards in the office, or as flexible wall elements for writing on. In our online store you will find a versatile range of different chalk and slate-effect boards for almost any application. You too can use the attractive chalkboards in the most diverse variations to pass on a special offer or an advertising message to customers easily and quickly.

The advantage of chalk and slate paint boards is that they are flexible in design. You can change or adapt your messages at any time, depending on your needs or seasonal updates. This allows you to regularly surprise your customers with new offers or information and keep them updated.

In addition, chalk and slate paint boards are extremely cost-effective compared to other advertising media. All you need is chalk or chalk markers to create your messages. Unlike printed materials, you don't have to have new flyers or posters printed every time. You not only save money, but also time and resources.

Chalkboards and Blackboards in all Shapes and Sizes

How about, for example, a classic blackboard, which we can offer you directly in our store in sizes A1 to A5. This slate lacquer board for indoor and office uses will quickly become a stylish advertising medium with its rounded corners. Particularly suitable for outdoor use in restaurants and cafes. Another excellent option is the chalkboard -Partition Wall "Café" : this 60 cm wide and 1.15 m high blackboard is the optimal combination of protection and advertising board. Especially in the catering sector it serves (individually or as the combination of several boards next to each other) as a privacy screen and at the same time you can write on the respective boards with chalk and thus draw attention to current offers.

Maybe you are looking for a double-sided stand-up chalkboard? Then the stand-up Chalk Board "Woody" is a good choice: in two different outer dimensions and various frame colors, this chalkboard can be labeled with chalk markers, illumigraphs and chalk and quickly offers passers-byers and visitors a good overview of food, drinks or other offers of the day or week.

A very original and decorative version of the Slate Valley is the Chalkboard "Gastronomy" : In the form of a glass, a bottle or even an oval speech bubble, this chalkboard presents itself as an original platform for the presentation of the food and beverage offer or also as a wall decoration of a special kind. A colorful selection of accessories for your chalkboard completes our versatile offer.

A chalkboard with a wooden frame stands out for its natural and classic look. As a result, they will attract the attention of your potential customers. Discover our sustainable variants. In addition to the classic models for standing, we also offer chalkboards for hanging. In areas where they have limited space, it may be worthwhile to use a chalkboard for hanging. The Chalkboard "Long" is not only a variant for hanging, but also writable on both sides.

Use our chalkboards not only for indoor but also for outdoor use. We offer numerous variants, which are suitable for outdoor use to draw customers and their attention to your place of business. 

Chalkboard and Blackboards for the Changing Offer

Decide now here for the chalkboard or slate-effect board that best combines your wishes, regardless of if it is being used as a weatherproof advertising board for outdoor use, as a pavement sign, or as a poster stand. Use our versatile online offer of chalkboards and blackboards and give your offer an individual touch through the handwriting, because the boards we offer are attention grabbing, while at the same time providing a good overview of the current offer. No matter in which size, whether square or round, whether with wood or aluminum frame or completely frameless: Secure your favorite now in our online store and use the chalkboard as an individually designed eye-catcher for regular and walk-in customers. And so that you can always adapt and change your offer, you will also find the right accessories for the wipeable chalk and slate boards such as chalk markers, cleaning aids and microfiber cloths. Secure a chalkboard now and increase sales and customer satisfaction. You can also find other products, such as the well-known pavement signs, for presenting your company, your current offers or for price labelling displays directly in our store.

Chalkboards as a Decorative Sales Aid

Nowadays chalkboards can be found not only in schools or cafes, but also in many stores. They serve not only as a decorative element, but also as an effective sales aid.

One of the biggest advantages of chalkboards is their versatility. They can be used for various purposes, whether for presenting special offers, daily menus or novelties. The lettering can be changed easily and quickly, which allows for flexible use. This is especially beneficial for stores that want to regularly update their offers or menus.

In addition, chalkboards are extremely attractive and can attract the attention of customers. Handwritten lettering conveys a personal touch and looks more authentic than printed signs. Moreover, different fonts and drawings can be used to customize the boards and reflect the style of the store.

Furthermore, chalkboards are durable and cost-effective. Compared to other advertising media such as posters or neon signs, they are a cost-effective option. The boards can be used for an extended period of time and require minimal maintenance. With a little chalk and a sponge, they can be easily cleaned and relettered.

Another advantage of chalkboards is that they are environmentally friendly. Unlike printed signs or posters, which are thrown away after a short time, chalkboards are reusable. This is especially important in times of environmental protection, when many customers are looking for sustainable solutions.

The Versatile Use of Chalkboards in Showrooms

Chalkboards are a popular and versatile way to add appeal to retail spaces and present information. They can be used in a variety of retail settings and offer numerous advantages over other presentation methods.

One of the main advantages of chalkboards is their flexibility. They can be optionally manufactured in a variety of sizes and shapes, making them easy to adapt to the needs of any retail space. Large or small, round or square, chalkboards can be integrated into almost any corner of a store.

In addition, chalkboards provide a great way to advertise current offers and special promotions. By using chalk, information can be updated quickly and easily without incurring additional printing costs. Retail spaces can thus inform their customers about new products, discounts or other promotions while conveying a personal and handmade touch.

Another advantage of chalkboards is their versatility in presenting information. Not only can they be used for advertising and promotions, but they can also be used for product descriptions, menus, or even to help customers find their way around. By using different colors and fonts, salesrooms can create an individual and inviting atmosphere.
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