Admission wristbands is the generic term for the coloured promotional items known as "control wristband", "VIP ribbon" or "admission wristband".
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With admission tapes you have everything under control

Do you want to keep track of your guests at an event? Are you looking for items that are practical, modern and appealing at the same time? Then admission wristbands could be just the right option for you and your company. Quickly attached to the wrist, admission wristbands show exactly who has or has not entered the event as a paying guest. 

You too can rely on this secure option for admission control and also take advantage of the practical individual printing service for your admission wristbands. The extremely tear-resistant and waterproof control wristbands are also available with individual printing on request.

Admission bands ensure secure identification

They are much-seen accessories at concerts, major events, festivals and parties: admission wristbands in a wide variety of dimensions, shapes and colours. Especially at events, it is important for you as an entrepreneur or organiser to keep track of everything. Which guests have already been registered, have paid and are allowed to pass through the entrance area with their wristbands?  

In addition, the individual touch also plays an important role at such a major event. Because by passing on admission ribbons, you can put your very own stamp on the event. Take the opportunity to design admission ribbons yourself and print them online in large quantities right away. 

The admission ribbon from our online shop is a 3-layer plastic wristband with a non-reopenable security closure. This way you can be sure that the wristband will not be transferred to unauthorised persons. It can only be cut, but removal without damaging it is not possible. Choose the colour that best suits your event. Alternatively, you can get the admission tape made of the extremely tear- and water-resistant Tyvek® (paper-like material). Thanks to the strong adhesive fastener and the built-in predetermined breaking point, this wristband is also non-transferable and also impresses with its ease of use. Just put it around your arm, press it together, done!  

In addition to use at events, the admission wristbands are also ideal for marking luggage. This way, nothing gets out of control.

Control tapes with or without imprint

We would also be happy to print the desired number of admission ribbons for you with your lettering, logo or slogan. Just let us know which model you decide on and take advantage of our offer here in the online shop. 

No matter whether printed or without imprint - with the use of our admission wristbands, you will always know exactly how many people have access to your event and who does not belong. Admission control made easy. We will be happy to provide you with an individual offer.
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