Folding tents and folding pavilions are used at various events or promotions in shopping centres or city centres. The tents are waterproof, stable even in strong winds and can be printed individually. Combine the pavilions with waterproof side walls and other accessories for professional outdoor use.
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Folding Tents and Pavilions from Small to Large

Are you looking for a square folding tent for an event or other occasion? In our range you will find a variety of different sizes for your professional folding tent. The robust and stable tents are suitable for repeated use at outdoor events. In addition, we give you a 10-year guarantee on the poles of most folding pavilions.

We supply square pavilions in 2x2m, 3x3m up to 5x5m. In addition, the tents are also available in many other dimensions. In addition, there is a large selection of colours - choose the right folding tent with tape-sealed seams. Thanks to the transport bag, the printed folding tent accompanies you on various occasions.

Choose a square 3x3m folding tent to present your company at the city festival. Use the 6x3m pavilions and equip them with beer tent sets. With roof and side walls, you create a weatherproof, covered area at your event. The compact transport in the transport bag makes the tent easy to transport from one location to another.

Folding Pavilion Printing: Fully Printed and Printed Side Walls

Folding pavilions are practical aids for braving the weather at outdoor events. In the respective format, they not only create a covered area, but also serve as a potential advertising medium. You can have your pavilion printed with your logo or other motifs.
The printing of folding tents for your outdoor area is done entirely according to your wishes. Opt for a high-quality logo print or choose a full-surface print. The printed folding pavilions advertise your company outdoors. This way, you can guide customers to your stand, as they can identify your company from a distance.

This creates an attractive outdoor advertising space at a reasonable price. Present your company professionally by using a printed folding tent. This way you can increase the awareness of your brand in the outdoor area. Use the tents to cover areas as well as an attractive outdoor advertising space.

Covered Area for Trade Fairs, Events and More

Outdoor events are very weather-dependent, especially in spring or autumn it is difficult to plan outdoor activities. After all, visitors don't want to get wet if it starts raining unexpectedly. In summer, on the other hand, when temperatures are hot, shade plays a role. Our folding tents allow you to protect visitors and customers from the vagaries of the weather.

On the one hand, the folding tents are waterproof, on the other hand, they can be equipped with accessories such as side walls. In this way, the people and products on display under the tent are protected from the rain. The equipment with side walls provides intensive protection against rain and wind. Thanks to additional bases, the tents remain in place even in strong winds.

This additional weatherproof area is perfect for outdoor sales or presentations. Do you need a canopy to cover your waffle stand at the next city festival? Do you want to cover your stand area at sporting events or outdoors? We can supply you with printed folding pavilions in the appropriate size for your area of use.

Folding Pavilion Accessories for Professional Use

With matching accessories, the tents can be adapted even better to your area of use. Tent walls,tent floors , lighting or radiant heaters make the tents perfect for outdoor use.

In combination with additional side walls, you can also provide additional advertising space. Present your logo or photo motifs once again behind your staff in the exhibition stand. Opt for tent walls with or without windows. Walls with a door can be used to create an enclosed space out of the tent.

Folding Tents - Your Stable and Waterproof Companions for Indoor and Outdoor Use

The folding tents in our online shop are characterised by their good quality. Made of high-quality materials, they are also 100% waterproof and hard-wearing. This way, you are perfectly equipped for the next trade fair, event or exhibition.

Take advantage of our range of different folding pavilions and folding tents for your sustainable marketing at the Point of Sale. The tents offered here are also characterised by their light weight. They can be disassembled, packed and transported very quickly.

So it's no problem if you need to transport the parts of the folding tents over a longer distance. And the tent is ready for use in just a few steps. With us you will find the right folding tents for every occasion!
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