Discover the right Accessories for your Pavilion

With high-quality accessories, pavilions and folding tents can be further equipped. Make your folding tents resistant to strong wind and rain.

Provide additional advertising space by using a printed pavilion side wall. Discover tent floors and other accessories for outdoor events.

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Folding Tents and Pavilions for Successful Outdoor Events

Pavilions can stand in the garden, accompany you at mobile events or extend catering areas outside. The tents provide a covered area that protects you from rain or too much sunlight. Our square or rectangular folding tents are 100% water-repellent and have a TÜV certification.

By using the tents, you limit the influence of the weather on the success of your outdoor events. In case of rain or wind, visitors or customers will find space in your tent. Here you can wait out the downpours and concentrate intensively on your offer during this time. Protect your guests, staff, equipment and products.

With folding tents and their waterproof roofs, your exhibition stand or outdoor sales table can be effectively covered. But only a supplement with side panels and floors makes your tent fully weatherproof. These accessories create a pleasant atmosphere in the tent and invite potential customers to linger.

Make yourself as free as possible from weather-related fluctuations. Decide now on the equipment with accessories. Make sure you have high-quality equipment to score points with customers and business partners.

Side Walls with Windows or Doors

Pavilion side walls with an opening by door or window let daylight into your tent. The folding tents can be equipped with side walls all around.

The side walls with windows or doors create an enclosed space outside. The windows make it look bright and inviting. There is no wind in the pavilion, which makes it appear warmer than the outdoor area. In combination with a radiant heater or an exhibition floor, you can brave the cold outside.

Printable Accessories for Pavilion Tents

  • side walls
  • side walls with window
  • half-height side walls
  • advertising flags
  • ramps for pavilion floors

Non-printable Accessories for Pavilions

  • tent floors
  • base plates
  • lighting
  • radiant heaters
  • means for fastening and transport

Pavilion Floor: The perfect Foundation

A tent floor gives your pavilion a high-quality and professional appearance. The floor is particularly suitable for uneven surfaces or meadows. The pavilion floor ensures a clean and even surface and also provides a pleasant standing feeling. The cold coming from the ground is softened by the floor.
Our pavilion floors are a modular system that can be extended at any time. The panels in a 4-panel system are easy to lay and compact to transport. They are therefore perfect for mobile use outdoors. Provide a high-quality floor and professional equipment at events.

You can stand, store or dance on the floor. The resilient floor also offers the possibility of neatly laying cables under the floor in cable ducts. In combination with edge trims, the floor becomes barrier-free. The strips can be printed so that the floor can also be used for advertising purposes.
Pavilion floor individually printed with logo

Further Accessories for the Equipment of your Folding Tents

Side walls and tent floors are particularly in demand for the equipment of folding tents and pavilions. In addition, base plates are also popular and are often recommended by us. The plates serve as weighting for the tents and thus ensure the firm stand of the pavilions. They are visually discreet, but effectively provide the necessary support for outdoor use.

In addition to these accessories, we offer many other articles for the complete equipment of your folding pavilions. Discover radiant heaters, LED spotlights and fixing sets. The individual articles are ideally suited for use in combination with the pavilion. This means they are easy to attach and also compactly transportable.

This makes the accessories not only suitable for temporary use in outdoor catering, but can also be easily taken from event to event. Use radiant heaters for use at the next Christmas market. Opt for LED spotlights to ensure good visibility in the tents.

Do you want to use the folding tent for serving food and drinks? Simply combine the pavilion with a half-height side wall or a wooden counter. The sturdy counter is quickly and easily attached to the tent structure.

High-quality Presentation in the Outdoor Area

Do you want to present your company in a high-quality outdoor setting? With pavilions, you can create a covered area outdoors. Thanks to the waterproof folding tents, you can defy wind and weather. Expand your tent and your high-quality equipment with functional accessories.

We offer you a large selection of various accessories for your folding tent. This selection allows you to perfectly adapt the tent to the respective place of use. Decide on the right accessories now or contact us. We will be happy to help you with your selection by phone or e-mail.

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