The printed parasols not only offer attractive advertising space, but also provide the necessary UV protection. Place the parasols outdoors to provide customers with a pleasant stay. Provide cool shade with promotional item parasols.
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Parasols: Saviours on hot Days

The weather also has an impact on the behaviour of guests, customers and visitors in summer. Especially on hot days, it is difficult for many people to stay in the sun for a longer period of time. So they may change their minds about sitting on your terrace.

Parasols offer much longed-for shade at the respective place of use. This makes the stay much more pleasant. Moreover, this is a decisive factor for people to visit your restaurant or event in the first place. Many people have problems with the summer heat or want UV protection.

Imagine you are on a bicycle tour. It is hot and you want to refresh yourself with a cool drink during the break. In one café there are only free seats in the sun, the other has all the tables equipped with sunshades. Where do you sit?

Often the fact whether there is shade plays the decisive role. Especially in summer, this can help you attract customers. Opt for a printed parasol and offer customers important UV protection. The parasols are not only a source of shade, but can also be used as advertising space for your company.

Promotional Parasols with Logo Print

Parasols are permanently displayed outdoors in summer. Here they are noticed by passers-by during the day and your logo is registered. This provides a branding effect that you can use to increase awareness of your brand. Every confrontation with your logo ensures that it is burned into the memory of potential customers.

Full-surface printing on the parasol makes it a real eye-catcher outdoors. Even from a distance, your café, stand or company will be noticed. This arouses people's curiosity even within sight. Thanks to the printing with brands, it is directly recognisable which brands are available from you.

In addition, the sunshades blend in perfectly with the outdoor area of your company. They convey a summery, relaxed flair and set colourful accents. With a diameter of 1800 - 2000 mm, they offer a large area for individual design. Choose the colour of the parasol and decide on the motif for printing on the parasol material.
Parasol printed with ice cream logo

Promotional Product for the Right Season

In summer, they offer the opportunity to take a break under your logo. The parasols printed with your own logo offer shade in different areas. In restaurants, outdoor pools, at festivals or at trade fairs, they provide large-area sun protection. Thanks to the adjustable inclination, the parasol also provides protection when the sun is lower.

The fillable bases provide the necessary stability so that the sunshade remains securely anchored even in summer winds. These can be filled with water or sand. The parasol equipment invites you to linger comfortably in the shade. Parasols with printing are also particularly popular as promotional items.

As promotional items, the advertising parasols with logo can also be used by private individuals when camping or in the garden. By printing your logo on them, your brand will continue to be promoted. While parasols serve as promotional shades in summer, printed parasols are ideal promotional items for winter & autumn.

In all four seasons, promotional sunshades are often used to protect against certain vagaries of the weather. This can be intense sunshine or wild downpours. The parasols are practical promotional items that people gratefully accept and enjoy using. At the same time, their large surface area makes them an attractive advertising space.

Have Parasols Printed

When printing the advertising sunshades, you have a free hand in designing your advertising. The parasols can be printed over the entire surface. You can choose between printing on the top or on the 8 rims of thesunshade. With a parasol with an angle of inclination, you can also see the top of the sunshade very well from a certain angle of inclination.

The advertising parasols can be designed in a discreet or eye-catching and colourful way. You can transfer the presentation of your brand exactly to the sunshade by using appropriate motifs. An insurance company thus presents your brand differently on the parasol than a company for sweets.
Logo Parasol with Umbrella Stand
As an insurance company, you want to appear professional and trustworthy. When designing the parasols, you would accordingly go for a rather plain approach with high-quality printing. So the sunshade would tend to be coloured white or monochrome and then printed with the logo on the sides of the parasol.

A candy company, on the other hand, would like to present itself in a striking way and with good-mood colours. The sunshade can be designed with bright colours and motifs. Your brand should still be placed centrally. This increases the recognition value so that it can be recognised from afar.

Individual Promotional Parasols - for every Season

  • attractive advertising media for outdoors
  • large surface for individual design
  • with logo print or full-surface print
  • protection from the vagaries of the weather
  • also popular as a promotional item

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Advertise with Parasols with your own Logo

You can have our parasols printed with your own logo and fully designed according to your ideas. As a promotional item, the sunshades advertise your logo from afar. They can be used at various locations in summer to provide UV protection. The large-area sunshades with a diameter of 2 metres provide plenty of shade.

Equip your sun terrace, your events or mobile exhibition stands with such a parasol. Make the work of your staff more pleasant and entice your customers to stay longer. Choose a printed sunshade for outdoor advertising. Score points with customers by offering shade.
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