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The desk mats "DeskWindo" and floor mats "FloorWindo" are real eye-catchers that draw the customer's attention to your products, promotions or special customer service.

FloorWindo is a robust, floor-mounted poster display system that attracts the attention of customers as they walk through a retail space or other busy area.
The floor mat with poster insert stands directly on the floor and attracts the interest of visitors as they walk over it, making it perfect for marketing messages, advertising or navigation data.
FloorWindo is made of durable materials and is designed to withstand high foot traffic and maintain its aesthetics over time. The non-slip surface ensures safety.
The design allows for quick and easy updating of displayed content. Posters or adverts can be replaced without special tools, making it very practical for frequently changing promotions.
FloorWindo is suitable for various areas such as retail shops, grocery shops, shopping centres, airports and trade fairs. It is efficient in advertising discounts, exclusive offers, new merchandise or important information.
By utilising floor space that is not normally used for advertising, the floor mat provides an additional advertising platform without the need for extra space, making it an economical solution for increasing brand awareness.
DeskWindo is a display solution specifically designed for desks, checkout counters and similar flat surfaces where it can capture customers' attention during interaction.
Positioned on counters where transactions or interactions take place, DeskWindo is ideal for presenting important details, promotional offers or adverts directly in front of the customer.
The counter mat has been designed to be sleek and unobtrusive to ensure it does not interfere with the regular use of the counter space.
Comparable to FloorWindo, DeskWindo allows for quick and easy changes to the content displayed. This customisability is perfect for regularly updating promotional messages, menu items or important announcements.
The counter mat is widely used in retail shops, restaurants, banks, hotels and other customer service areas where communication and promotion are essential.
DeskWindo is made from high quality materials and is designed to withstand frequent handling and daily activity on the work surface. It guarantees durability and consistent aesthetics.
DeskWindo and FloorWindo utilise areas that are often neglected for advertising, providing additional touchpoints for interaction with the customer without taking up traditional advertising space.
By positioning the marketing material directly in the consumer's trajectory or field of vision, these elements increase the chances that the data will be noticed and a response will be generated.
The ability to quickly and effortlessly change the content on display makes both elements extremely adaptable and responsive to advertising requirements.
Floor mats and counter mats are designed to blend seamlessly into their surroundings, maintaining a clean and professional appearance while delivering strong promotional messages.
In summary, DeskWindo and FloorWindo are imaginative and efficient ways to utilise counter and floor space for advertising and information distribution, encouraging customer interaction and optimising the use of available space in service or retail environments.

Digital Printing to Customer Specifications

Digitally printed desk mats and chair mats are versatile and practical and offer both visual and functional benefits. They allow for customisation, personalisation and protection of the workplace at the same time. The use of high quality materials and the ability to create intricate and vibrant patterns make them a desirable addition to any workplace.

Attracts the Attention

Non-slip Surface

Customised Digital Printing

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