With wall frames, you can display advertising and notices in DIN or special formats in a highly visible manner. In addition to the formats offered, we can also provide you with customised designs or printing on the frame. Discover wall frames made of wood, aluminium, plastic or metal.
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Advertise and Inform with Wall Frames

The frames for the wall help you to present important information or attractive advertising content in an optimally visible way. You equip the frames with inserts in the respective format, which can be replaced again and again. This means that the displays can be used permanently at the Point of Sale, in the office or in the workshop to pass on content.

The wall frames can hold the weekly canteen plan, the weekly programme or the escape plan. The frames with protective film ensure that the inserts are protected from soiling and fading. In addition, the non-reflective cover foil of the aluminium wall frames ensures that the contents are easy to read.

In addition to aluminium frames, there are natural wooden frames or coloured plastic frames. The narrow frames effectively display your advertising and information at the place of use. For example, with a coloured wall frame in your CI colour. Or a wooden frame with natural charm.
Wall frame with exchangeable contents in DIN format

Frames for the Wall in DIN Formats

Our wall frames are available in DIN A0 to DIN A6 format. Simply unfold the frame elements and insert the respective insert. Some frames can also be fitted by sliding them in from the side or by clamping them. Clamping means inserting a banner with flat piping into the frame.

The wall frames for banners are available in all banner formats, but also in the classic DIN formats. Here, too, a change can be made quickly by removing and inserting the flat piping into the frame. The banners remain perfectly stretched within the frame.
With inserts as well as banners, you can freely design the advertising medium according to your ideas. Thanks to the quick exchange and short-term creation of content, you can advertise for different purposes with wall frames. The DIN standard of the formats makes it easy for you to create new content in the right size again and again.

Wall Frames - Tailored to your Field of Application

Wall frames can be used indoors or outdoors without any problems. In outdoor areas, however, there are often additional requirements for the display. Here, the frame is exposed to particular external influences due to the weather. In addition, the displays, which are usually unattended, can be accessed by anyone.

With an appropriately equipped wall frame, you can ensure safe use even outdoors. A frame with rainwater protection guarantees that your inserts remain dry inside even in bad weather. By equipping the frame with an anti-theft device, you can protect the contents of the frame from unauthorised access.

Especially at trade fairs or indoors, a wall frame with fire protection can also be interesting. These models have B1 certification according to DIN 4102. They are considered flame-retardant and this is often required at events, in public areas or at trade fairs.

LED Wall Frames - Advertising with a luminous Effect

You want to put your advertising in the right light? With our LED wall frames, you can display your content in the best possible light around the clock.

The profile of the displays is equipped with smart LED technology. The LED modules ensure homogeneous illumination of the content. You can also choose from various formats in our illuminated frames category!

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Individually made by VKF Renzel

We offer a large number of different wall frames in our online shop. In addition, there is the possibility to further individualise these frames through printing. This can take the form of a logo print, for example. An in-house print shop ensures the high-quality implementation of your print specifications.

As a manufacturer, we can also offer special designs and individual displays. Do you need a frame for a specific event, a special campaign or a wall frame in a special size? We would be happy to manufacture the wall frame entirely according to your ideas.
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