LED Snap Frames, LED Acrylic Frames and more

LED frames perfectly showcase your advertising around the clock. Inside the frames, there is space for information and advertising inserts of different sizes and they can be effectively advertised. The LED modules of the frames ensure uniform and high-quality illumination of your content. Put your trust in high-quality LED illuminated frames now!
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Advertise 24/7 with LED Frames

Especially in the winter months, it gets dark earlier and earlier. Advertising in conventional, unlit frames is no longer present from then on and the advertising space remains unused. With unlit advertising, you can only attract attention during daylight. Attractive advertising space remains empty after dark and people passing by can no longer be addressed after sunset.

Illuminated advertising, such as illuminated frames, allows for present advertising even in the dark. By using this eye-catching advertising technology, you have the opportunity to address an increased number of interested parties and draw attention to your products. For example, the attractive advertising space in the shop window can be used sustainably and optimally in this way.

Equipped with a timer, the exact advertising duration of the illuminated frames can be set. This means that you can continue to advertise with your posters for a few hours after closing time. In addition, your staff is relieved and does not have to think about switching off the LED frames at closing time.

The use of illuminated advertising is not only suitable for exploiting advertising space in terms of time. Luminous objects are also particularly perceived by the human eye. The light and the bright colours of the advertising attract our attention much more than unlit objects.

For this reason, LED frames are very popular in various industries. The illuminated frames are used at trade fairs as well as in stationary trade or for shop window design. This way, you can attract the attention of passers-by from afar and stand out from the competition.

For your Posters in DIN Format

In our online shop you will find the right frame for all formats. Both special formats and the common formats from A0 to A4 are available as frame sizes. In addition to frames for indoor and outdoor use, we also recommend light boxes for attractive illuminated advertising.

Most of our LED frames are silver anodised snap frames made of aluminium. They impress with their easy handling, which makes changing posters quick and uncomplicated. The individual frame elements are unfolded for this purpose. Afterwards, the contents are exchanged and the frame is closed again.

The classic LED snap frames are available for wall mounting or ceiling suspension. The simple aluminium edge provides an attractive appearance, while the posters inside are illuminated by the LED modules. Among the illuminated snap frames in our online shop, you will find models for indoor use as well as waterproof examples for outdoors.

In addition to snap frames, you will also find LED magnetic displays in our online shop. As the name suggests, these frames are magnetic and can therefore be easily attached with the help of rope suspensions. The rope system with magnet can serve as a connection between individual frame elements or as a connection to a power rail.

By using a power rail, the LED magnetic frames can be used completely without further cables. The power rail is connected to the mains. With the corresponding suspension set, any number of magnetic frames can be attached to the track. As an alternative to a ceiling track, a floor power rail can also be selected.

Our range of LED frames is rounded off by beautifully shaped LED acrylic frames. These can be mounted on the wall or placed attractively on the table or counter. The illumination of the contents is enhanced in a certain way by the acrylic frame. These frames are also extremely slim, which supports their modern and high-quality look.

Found a suitable LED Frame?

LED frames are a popular means of sales promotion. The expressive frames are used for poster presentation and can be used long-term as part of your shop fittings. The homogeneous illumination by LED modules draws the attention of prospective customers from afar. In addition, the frame is a source of light in your shop or office.

The illuminated frames increase the perception of your content. They are not only available in different formats, but can also be used in a variety of ways. Inserts of any kind can be exchanged within a short time. In addition, the narrow frames are extremely light and can therefore be stored and transported in a space-saving manner.

Use your LED frame stationary in your shop or make it part of your trade fair equipment. The different frames can be used flexibly and achieve great advertising results. With the help of LED technology, you can put not only advertising but also information notices in the spotlight. Ensure that your notices are perceived better and more sustainably.

The modern LED technology of the articles not only ensures homogeneous illumination. We use the highest quality LED modules for our illuminated frames. They impress with their high efficiency, low energy consumption and long service life. The modules are installed evenly within the frame so that the inserts are professionally illuminated.

The result is a high-quality and durable LED frame with first-class lighting. Choose the frame that suits your needs. In which format do you want to advertise? Should it be a frame in A3 format or are you looking for a large-format frame?

Are you looking for a classic LED snap frame, a magnetic display or an attractive LED acrylic frame? Would you like to present your content on one or both sides? In our online shop you have the opportunity to discover various illuminated frames. We will be happy to help you choose the right LED frame.

Discover the impressive advertising effect of LED frames for your sales promotion. Use them in the long term for the presentation of your posters or notices. Find the right frame for your advertising now!
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