Our LED light walls are used as eye-catchers at trade fairs, in shops or for window displays. With the help of modern LED technology, they showcase the respective banner in razor-sharp quality. Discover the sales-promoting effect of illuminated advertising with our LED illuminated walls.
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Advertise around the Clock

Compared to standard display walls, the illuminated walls are equipped with LED light modules so that your advertising content is presented in a high-quality manner. The homogeneous illumination sets the scene perfectly for your content. In addition, the use of illuminated advertising has many other advantages.

While the use of non-illuminated walls is limited to daylight, light walls can be used around the clock. Even in the evening or in the dark winter months, your advertising remains clearly visible. Define the duration of use of the light elements with a timer and advertise even after closing time.

By using illuminated advertising, you can reach an increased number of prospects or customers. In addition, you stand out from other advertisements. Because of the special effect of light on the eye, we humans tend to notice illuminated advertising first. In a mass of advertising, you can attract attention to your own advertising campaign with the help of LED illuminated walls.

Choose illuminated advertising with LED light walls to present your advertising content in a high-quality and homogeneously illuminated way. Reach people around the clock with your advertising and get your campaign maximum attention.

LED Illuminated Walls & LED Exhibition Walls

✓ easy and quick banner change
✓ elegant design
✓ ideal for large-area advertising
✓ all systems available with digitally printed banner on request
✓ easy to assemble due to supplied assembly instructions
✓ homogeneous illumination thanks to high-quality LED modules
✓ various frame depths
✓ different frame colours
✓ different areas of application
✓ can be used for sales promotion in the long term

Illuminated Walls can be used here

Our LED illuminated walls can be used in many places for your sales promotion. Depending on the model, the walls are suitable for a one-sided or two-sided presentation of advertising banners. The banners are usually pulled into the base frame with piping. Doing so allows you to use the illuminated displays for a long time.

The illuminated displays cannot only be used for the exhibition of an advertising campaign. Instead, you can replace the banners at any time at short notice. You can already draw attention to a new product, a special offer or your service. An illuminated frame becomes an integral part of your business or trade fair equipment and impresses with its long service life.

Placed in the shop, an LED illuminated wall can draw attention to new products, services or offers. The wall becomes a real eye-catcher in the shop and also provides a pleasant source of light. Due to this function, the light walls are also often used for shop window design. Doing this, you can draw the attention of passers-by in pedestrian zones to your shop.

Another popular area of application for our products are exhibitions, trade fairs and events. As an LED exhibition wall, the illuminated walls draw the attention of trade fair visitors to your stand from afar. The illuminated LED light walls with exclusive advertising banner can be used perfectly to increase your brand awareness.

Use the attention-grabbing effect of an LED stand for your trade fair. Arouse interest with creative advertising banners that are presented homogeneously illuminated by the light walls. Ensure the success of your trade fair presentation by using sales-promoting illuminated advertising.


Various Illuminated Walls for your Sales Promotion

Discover all kinds of illuminated walls in our online assortment. Choose between mobile illuminated walls, LED exhibition stands, illuminated frames or free-standing models. All articles impress with their easy and uncomplicated handling as well as their radiant luminosity. Use the sales-promoting effect of the LED light wall for your shop window design, shop fittings or trade fair equipment.

You can choose from various displays made of different materials in our range. You can either get the light wall with or without a printed banner. The mobile illuminated walls are usually delivered with a transport bag. With this, the LED trade fair wall can be easily transported from one location to the next. The quick assembly and disassembly of the mobile light walls makes their use at trade fairs so popular.

Are you looking for a single free-standing illuminated wall or are you looking for an entire LED exhibition stand? Do you want to present your content on one or two sides? Use the illuminated walls separately or in combination with each other to effectively pass on your advertising. Depending on the area of application and the illuminated wall, you can display your advertising on one or two sides.

Choose the ideal illuminated wall for your application area and advertise around the clock. Display your advertising campaign optimally illuminated and benefit from the sales-promoting effect of LED illuminated walls.
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