In the field of trade fair construction and illuminated advertising, the term Octalumina has made a name for itself. As a mobile illuminated wall or ceiling suspension, the LED illuminated walls are used in various areas. Tool-free assembly and high-quality illumination ensure the high popularity of these lighting elements. Put your advertising banners effectively in the limelight now.
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Single or double-sided Lighting Components

The effect of light on people is undisputed. It automatically attracts their attention in the various areas of application. This effect is perfect for using lighting elements for presentation and décor. Illuminated walls draw the attention of passers-by, visitors and customers to your message quickly and effectively.

Octalumina is a special type of illuminated wall. LED modules built into the sides of an aluminium base frame provide shadow-free illumination. Banners are pulled into two grooved strips in no time at all. This allows you to advertise on one or two sides.

In the case of one-sided use, a backlit banner is used. This ensures that no light escapes to the rear. The concentrated luminosity is focused on the homogeneous illumination of the front. The beading frames ensure that banners can be replaced quickly.

A groove ensures easy and effortless insertion. Advertising messages can be mounted and replaced in just a few minutes. The Power LED with high luminosity already ensure the even illumination of your new advertising message.

Powerful LED are responsible for the luminosity of the illuminated walls. The connectable LED modules are placed in the frame. A clever spring mechanism allows the profiles to snap into place easily and ensures that they can be assembled without tools. With a slim profile depth of 120 mm, swivelling base plates guarantee a secure stand.

The tool-free assembly and the swivelling base plates round off the overall package. Octalumina illuminated walls are therefore very popular for events, exhibitions and for presentation at the Point of Sale.

Floor-standing Version

free-standing Octalumina illuminated wall

Wall-mounted Version

LED wall element from Octalumina

Ceiling Version

Octalumina ceiling suspension with LED modules

Illuminated Walls for Everywhere

When using illuminated walls at trade fairs, events or exhibitions, the mobility of the respective wall is crucial. This feature is definitely given with the Octalumina elements. The tool-free assembly and space-saving stowage ensure that the illuminated wall can be stored in any car boot.

Supplied storage bags make it easy for you to transport it from one location to the next. On the one hand, the same banner can be used to inform or advertise at events. On the other hand, thanks to the quick banner change, new advertising can always be implemented.

The long-term use with different advertising messages is also interesting when equipping shops, markets and offices. A complete redesign is possible with little effort and cost. Advertising, the shop window or the office equipment is always adaptable as well as renewable.

A high-quality illuminated wall not only presents your advertising attractively, but is also an attractive source of light. Stand elements can be used as illuminated walls to bathe the room in warm light and contribute to a new sense of space. Various types of mounting offer scope for room furnishing.

To use Octalumina as a kind of light source, a ceiling suspension is suitable. From the ceiling, you can bathe areas in soft light. At the same time, various motifs, graphics or photos can be placed on the banner. With the right motif, this creates a real eye-catcher that visitors will talk about for a long time.

In addition to mounting the banner on the ceiling, it can also be mounted on the wall. While the stand elements can be placed freely in the room, the wall versions can be attached to the respective room walls. The narrow profile ensures that the luminaire element fits snugly against any wall.

Uncomplicated handling

High advertising impact

Space-saving storage

Octalumina for Exhibition Stand Construction

Thanks to the various fixings and the high mobility, the Octalumina elements are ideal for trade fair construction. The Octalumina models are uncomplicated to handle, space-saving to transport and at the same time highly effective in advertising. This makes them a versatile component of any trade fair equipment.

The various wall elements can be used to create partition walls, entire exhibition stands or effective eye-catchers on the stand. The VDE-compliant "Octalumina toolless" illuminated wall can be set up freely on the stand as a double-sided version.

Do you want to stand out from the crowd of exhibitors from afar? Ceiling elements ensure that your booth attracts the interest of trade fair visitors even from a distance. A ceiling cube represents 4 advertising spaces. Visitors from every direction cannot miss you and your exhibition stand.

A successful trade fair is pre-programmed with appealing exhibition supplies and accessories. We supply the right products for uniform and unique trade fair equipment. Thanks to our in-house print shop, we can supply you with high-quality printed advertising banners to go with the aluminium constructions.

Simple, high-quality and luminous

Octalumina lighting displays stand for versatility, quality and lightness. The walls, ceiling fixtures and wall elements can be found in various areas of application. Put your advertising in the spotlight or create an eye-catcher in shop fittings. Illuminated advertising is not only a real eye-catcher in trade fair construction.

Discover the many advantages that the Octalumina models bring with them. The various banners can be used for a long time. The quick change of the advertising banners supports the longevity, as new advertising messages can be implemented again and again.

After only a short time, the illuminated walls will become an integral part of your business equipment. Convince yourself of the luminosity, high quality and simplicity of Octalumia.
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