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Leaflet holder from VKF Renzel

Leaflet holders are indispensable components of sales promotion at the PoS (Point of Sale). Brochure holders and leaflet displays are available in countless variations:
These products can be used without any problems and almost everywhere. They all serve the purpose of taking your catalogues, leaflets, information brochures and flyers and placing them where they will bring the best benefit: Right next to the product, at an information stand, at the trade fair, in your salesroom, in surgeries or in public buildings. They are usually offered in the usual sizes A4, A5, 1/3 A4 and sometimes also A6.

Individual brochure holders from the manufacturer

You can also obtain articles from us, which we produce as special designs with the dimensions you require. This means that you can get the right leaflet or brochure holder and dispenser for every format directly from the manufacturer. Also available are water-repellent leaflet dispensers or those with lids that protect the print media from moisture and dampness. Our wall brochure holders made of coloured polystyrene are something special - they catch the eye immediately, stand out from the surroundings and draw attention to the contents. We will be happy to help you find the best product for you from our extensive range.

Product Display Stands for sales promotion

Product display stands are functional and visually appealing products at the PoS with which goods are presented. Product dispensers, on the other hand, are used to remove products at the PoS. The immediate availability of the article makes it easier for the customer to make a purchase decision. Most product displays are made of high-gloss acrylic; they are transparent in any case so that the customer can see the products before removing them. In the category product display stands you will find the following products:
As the manufacturer of many of these products for the presentation of goods, we are always happy to receive your wishes and suggestions. We are also happy to implement special designs for you. Please contact us!
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