Below is our range of display bridges and acrylic product stands. All are manufactured from high quality materials.

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Display Plinths - Small Helpers with Great Effect

Acrylic display plinths and decorative pedestals made of acrylic are used in a wide variety of areas. They are used to present goods and allow you to arrange your exhibits at different heights.

Our acrylic display plinths and decorative pedestals are available in various sizes and shapes. You can combine different goods presenters and rearrange them again and again to find the right acrylic pedestal for each product.

The transparent acrylic decorative aids draw your customers' focus to your products, while the acrylic presenters themselves remain discreetly in the background.

Thanks to their low weight, the acrylic pedestals are particularly flexible in handling. The UV-resistant acrylic is ideal for use in shop windows. Use acrylic steps to decorate your shop window and present your exhibits staggered at different heights.
Display case equipped with acrylic base

Equip Showcases with Acrylic Plinths

Showcases are used in boutiques, retail stores and department stores. Exhibits are also skillfully showcased at trade fairs with the help of display cases. Art objects are also frequently displayed in showcases in exhibitions and museums.

Different presentation levels are also possible in showcases and optimize the perception. Our small acrylic display plinths are ideal for placement in showcases and remain almost inconspicuous due to their transparency.

Small helpers with a big effect! Depending on the size of the showcase, the acrylic pedestals are also available in different display heights. The pedestals are particularly suitable as decorative aids for small products.

Place of use: Fresh food counters

Use decorative bridges in your deli counter and create a second, elevated merchandise area. Display pastries, croissants and other snacks attractively. The bread roll bridge display has a front panel, this serves as a goods stopper. At the same time, it offers the possibility of price labeling. Create an additional display area in your sales counter!

In combination with a snack wave you exploit your counter area ideally. You achieve an orderly impression with your customers. The snack wave is available in 2 different widths and is suitable for displaying sandwiches.
Bread roll bridge
Monitor Stand

Monitor Stand - Ergonomics at the Workplace

Acrylic pedestals as monitor stands - practical aid on every desk.

Whether in the office or in the home office, often the position of the monitor is too low. A straight sitting posture is not possible. Increase the ergonomics at your workplace and bring your monitor to the ideal working height with our monitor stand. At the same time you create storage space for documents below your screen.

The monitor stand can also be used as a pedestal for other goods. For example, place the decorative bridge on your sales counter to advertise promotions.
With an acrylic pedestal or a decorative bridge, it is possible to present goods at different heights. You can decorate the shop window in the shoe store with decorative bridges. Use a roll bridge for the display of the sales counter in your pastry shop. Enhance the presentation of high-quality goods in showcases with small acrylic pedestals. Numerous application possibilities are possible.

Customised Production - From Planning to Implementation

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