LED panels are ideal for use as LED ceiling lights in various areas. As customisable LED luminaires, they are suitable for commercial use. As ceiling fixtures, they are used for installation in grid ceilings. Choose now the glare factor, the power consumption or the suitable light colour for your LED panel.
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Decorative LED Light for your Ceilings

The rectangular LED panels are used in various industries and facilities. Within a grid ceiling, they ensure the elimination of poor lighting conditions. Especially in winter months, there is often a lack of daylight indoors. With our LED panels, you benefit from a source of daylight and increased atmosphere in the room.

As a daylight lamp, the LED panels create sufficient light in the room again. There are various options for adapting them to your requirements. You can easily determine the light colour, the glare factor or the beam angle for your ceiling luminaire. Of course, you can also find systems with different power inputs in our shop.

Our LED panels not only improve the light in the room, they can also contribute to a decorative interior design. The simple panels fit ideally into your grid ceiling. A narrow, white frame around the LED modules ensures a high-quality appearance. In square form, they create a harmonious image indoors.

The simple appearance of the panel fits into various areas. Thus, it can provide the necessary brightness in libraries, classrooms, offices or at the reception. The bright LED luminaires also fit into the often robust or minimalist furnishings in production halls. Discover the right LED ceiling luminaire for your company now.

That's why LED lighting with Panels:

  • energy-efficient LED lighting
  • precisely adaptable to your workplace
  • optimal for commercial use
  • daylight lamp for your grid ceiling
  • shadow-free illumination with low maintenance requirements

LED Panel for Installation in the Ceiling

The respective selected panel is easy to install and requires very little maintenance. With approx. 20000 operating hours, you can use the LED lighting for a long time without any effort. Installation in the grid ceiling is also uncomplicated.

The size of the luminaires is optimally adapted to the standard size of the panels in a grid ceiling. Please note, however, that there are differences between ceilings. We strongly recommend measuring the size of your ceiling panels.

With the energy class, the LED modules impress with their efficiency. Thanks to the shadow-free illumination, you benefit from ideal lighting conditions. These play a particularly important role at workplaces. Here, the employer must meet the necessary requirements for a pleasant workplace.

By equipping with high-quality lighting modules such as LED panels, you go even further. They not only fulfil legal requirements, but also offer employees a well-equipped workplace. Decide now to install panels in your grid ceiling.

Different Areas of Application for the LED Panels for Ceilings

Panel used as LED luminaires in the office
LED panel as ceiling luminaire in a medical facility
LED panel in a grid ceiling in the reception room

Enrichment for the Workplace: LED panels

Good lighting is always an enrichment for the workplace. It enables sensible work with satisfactory results. The illumination of the LED panels even enables pleasant and fatigue-free work. Together with the modern and contemporary design, this is a real asset for any company.

Thanks to the different selectable variants in our range, the panel is ideally matched to the respective workplace. Use a glare factor <19 as a light source in classrooms, offices or other places with computer work. We recommend a factor <22 for work in industry, in the trades or at the reception.

We will gladly help you to perfectly adjust the lighting to the respective activity. You benefit from the improved atmosphere in the room. In the best case, a higher productivity and motivation of the employees is achieved. Choose our LED panel now to equip your offices, sales rooms, production or furnishings.
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