Our LED floodlights are versatile and can be used outdoors or indoors. LED floodlights for outdoor use help to illuminate facades or signs. LED spotlights indoors provide high-quality illumination for trade fairs or showcases. Discover the right outdoor floodlight or indoor floodlight as well as the corresponding illuminants!
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Floodlight with LED Illumination

Spotlights with LED floodlights provide uniform light distribution at the respective location. They serve to effectively illuminate certain areas. This ensures good visibility or use around the clock. You can choose between different LED spotlights and LED floodlights with different power inputs.

The special effect of light on the human eye makes the use of spotlights attractive for almost every area. LED lighting not only makes content visible throughout, but also ensures increased attention. People will perceive the light source and the illuminated objects more quickly and efficiently.

A large number of advertising displays or company signs are already made with lighting for this reason. LED floodlights and spotlights also enable the high-quality and stylish illumination of objects and areas afterwards. For this purpose, the spotlights are mounted on the wall with brackets. Other models are suitable for mounting on trusses or for simple stand-up.

In our range you will find spotlights with 30W or 50W up to floodlights with 150W power consumption. Benefit from the special advertising effect. Professionally illuminate certain areas to provide safety and orientation even in the dark. Discover the right LED spotlight for your area of application now.

Easy to mount

With bracket, stand support or crossbar attachment


for trade fairs, car parks, company signs, displays and more

LED lighting

Energy-efficient and effective illumination

LED Floodlight with Motion Detector

Due to the energy-saving effect, you benefit from the modern LED technology of the spotlights. In addition, a motion detector can help to further reduce electricity consumption. It ensures that the spotlight really only comes on when movement can be detected at the location. The floodlights in our range can be perfectly equipped with motion detectors.

The detectors are particularly popular for outdoor use. They help to provide orientation for visitors, customers or patients. In the car park, for example, they help to find the car quickly. Motion detectors can also be used in front of your entrance.


Imagine you have a late appointment with the doctor. You have just come from work, it is winter and of course it is already dark outside. When you arrive at the doctor's office, only the streetlights offer you some light to see the office sign. In front of the practice, you find that there is no lighting.

Finding the bell and recognising the door sign is only possible with a mobile phone torch. After visiting the doctor, you return to the car park. In the meantime it is dizzyingly dark and you have difficulty getting your bearings. Wasn't there a step here somewhere?
A visit to the doctor really shouldn't be that adventurous. This example can be applied to many other areas and industries. It does not exactly improve customer loyalty. Improve your external image by using LED floodlights outdoors.

Use of LED Spotlights and Floodlights

The usually more cost-intensive halogen floodlights are being replaced by energy-efficient LED floodlights both indoors and outdoors. Large areas can be evenly illuminated with LED floodlights. An integrated cooling function ensures "cool light" even during long periods of use.

Combine the individual spotlights to form entire lighting systems or use the highly efficient luminaires individually. In the event sector or in advertising technology, comprehensive lighting with LED floodlights is usually used. In shop fitting, the desired advertising effect can be achieved with individual display luminaires.

As you can see, requirements vary depending on the location and purpose. Our LED floodlights are versatile and can be used for different purposes. The universal LED floodlights are usually easy to combine. For this reason, they are recommended for different areas of application.

The spotlights can be used not only indoors for trade fair construction, the illumination of showcases or displays. They can also be used outdoors to create additional effects. Illuminate advertising banners, signs, car parks or construction sites. Let us recommend individual LED floodlights for your area of application!

Sales Promotion with LED Floodlights

Especially in the area of sales promotion, great potential can be exploited with LED floodlights. LED lighting puts your advertising and your products in the right light. This means better perception and more attention for your products. Thanks to the versatile mounting options, various products and displays can be illuminated.

With the help of LED floodlights, you can ensure that your outdoor signs are visible around the clock. In this way, you not only draw the attention of customers and suppliers to you and your company headquarters. Doing so also increases brand awareness and the reputation of your company.

Indoors, LED spotlights can be used to draw attention to certain products or services. The light source attracts the attention of potential customers from afar. Especially at trade fairs, this can help to attract visitors to your stand. Discover the spotlights for use in the retail outlet or for mobile use at trade fairs and events.

Choose our LED spotlights and LED floodlights for more visibility. Choose the right lighting system for your area of application. We will be happy to help you choose the right LED floodlight. Stage your displays with a display luminaire or provide professional lighting technology for your next event.
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