Our advertising projectors help you to project the motif of your choice onto different surfaces. The exchange of motifs (gobos) is quick and uncomplicated. Draw the attention of interested parties from afar with an eye-catching and high-contrast projection! Use the projector now to display logos, slogans or advertising messages.
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LED Projectors: Great Potential for your Sales Promotion

An LED projector is versatile for your marketing. Not only can various motifs be presented, but the advertising projector can also be used in many places. A flexible advertising medium that can be adapted exactly to the respective use. Discover the efficient Gobo projectors for indoor or outdoor use.

With a projector, you can draw attention to yourself permanently at a location or at mobile events. The option of ever-changing motifs means that the item can be used for a long time. Place the item on surfaces or opt for mounting on the ceiling or wall.

Placed there, the projector projects the motif of your choice onto the surface you have selected. The compact design makes it easy to install in different places. Use the projector to draw attention to your company outdoors or indoors. LED projectors are also very popular at trade fairs and events.

The Logo of your Company

A logo is a sign or symbol that presents your company and your services. It serves to distinguish you from other providers and to make it easier to recognise. The respective symbol is used on small formats up to large-scale advertising. For this reason, it must be effective, impressive and informative in both small and large sizes.

Displaying Logos with a Gobo Projector

With a logo projector, you can project your logo onto various surfaces. Display your logo centrally outdoors to attract the maximum number of potential customers. Indoors, you can draw customers' attention to specific information, products or your company. LED projection enjoys a very high perception and can therefore be used for various areas.

For advertising with LED projectors, you need suitable gobos. These are inserted into the system spotlight and ensure a high-quality projection of this motif. This can be an image, a text message or icons and symbols. Select the motif for your next campaign and have a glass gobo printed accordingly.

The gobo is inserted into the projector and can be quickly replaced at any time. With a matching logo for different occasions, you can always advertise and inform appropriately. Wish them a Merry Christmas, point out discounts or events. When it comes to designing the gobo, i.e. your projection, you have all the options open to you.

Our high-performance projectors offer the ideal luminosity to present your glass gobos in an appealing way. These are inserts with motifs made of heat-resistant glass. They can be designed in several colours, as well as in two or one colour. With the help of the projection, the motif appears enlarged many times over on the respective projection surface.

Advertise with the right Motif (Gobo)

Already have a suitable motif in mind for your LED projector? Our glass gobos offer you an image size of 40 mm for free design. You can freely combine your logo, images and texts on this surface. Send us the print file and with the help of certain printing processes, the individual colours of the mask will be applied in layers.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of printing, we are able to provide you with competent support. Our graphics staff will be happy to assist you in designing your motif or redesigning your logo. Use our graphic services to present your company professionally through corporate design.

Use permanent motifs, such as your logo, to increase your brand awareness. Use the full range of gobo designs and advertise with ever-changing motif inserts. Wish a Merry Christmas or Easter to strengthen the bond with your customers. Or draw attention to safety or hygiene measures.

Due to the high perception of LED projection, it offers you a lot of potential for your sales promotion. Our gobo projectors are easy to install and flexible to use. Discover the effectiveness of an advertising projector for your communication policy. Choose a projector or system spotlight now!

Floor or wall/ceiling mountable

Motifs are freely customisable

High-quality and high-contrast LED projection

Logo Projector for your Company

With a projector, you gain a versatile and long-term advertising medium for your company. It can be used to achieve various marketing goals. Attract the attention of passers-by outdoors to activate new customers. Use a projection specifically indoors to increase sales of certain products.

The use of projectors extends from the outdoors to the indoors of various industries. Both in the cultural sector and in the classic retail trade, you will benefit from the use of LED projectors. Select the right motif for your glass gobo now and opt for a system spotlight.

The graphic light projectors unfold their effect in many areas. We offer articles for indoor or outdoor use. At the same time, you get the matching gobo, which is suitable for various models with its diameter of 50 mm. Mount the respective model at the desired location and connect it easily with cable and plug.

Choose our system projector to project from indoors to outdoors. Or mount the outdoor projector directly outdoors. The projection distance of 8 m even extends to 20 m in the dark. Assure yourself of the high-contrast projection of our gobo projectors.

Projectors for Outdoor Use

  • Floor projections on promenades, pedestrian zones or monuments
  • Advertising on facades and buildings
  • Projection in green spaces and on hedges

Projectors for Indoor Use

  • Projections on the floor of shops, museums or at trade fairs
  • Displays of walking directions on the floor
  • Greetings at trade fairs, events, shopping centres or entrance halls

Advertising Projectors as Part of Your Illuminated Advertising

Like the well-known illuminated advertising, LED projectors also have a special effect on the human eye. This ensures an immediate perception of the motifs you have placed on the gobo. For this reason, projectors are often used. They achieve high visibility for your advertising, your services and your company.

Due to the plain silver look, the projectors are hardly noticeable, while you achieve an appealing presentation. Simply select the appropriate area for projection and advertise with your logo or changing motifs. We will gladly supply you with the matching high-quality gobo inserts for your projector.

You can use these to address your customers for specific occasions. Surprise them by constantly changing motifs outdoors or indoors.

Learn more about the possibilities of using LED projectors. Choose a gobo projector to display your logo now. Choose our logo projectors for your business.
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