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Outdoor Pavement Signs for Your POS

No matter if you need a poster stand, a windsign or a sandwich board. With a well-placed pavement sign, you will quickly attract the attention of customers and passers-by to your offer at the point of sale. This is exactly why pavement signs are such popular advertising media.

All these pavement signs function as so-called customer stoppers and are equipped with freely designable or printed posters. You can also write on them by hand with matching poster pens or chalk markers. The matching cover foils, protective foils and slate blackboard sets in standard formats can be found in the accessories category.

You can find them indoors and outdoors, in front of stores and cafes, in restaurants, boutiques and many other small and large businesses in the retail sector. And also for corporate events, exhibitions or events of any kind, pavement signs are always very popular elements.

The articles can be used for different purposes. They are suitable to make as many customers as possible aware of new information in a short time or to become for special offers. In addition, the pavement signs show the way, welcome customers to their business or act as a menu board. All this both indoors and outdoors.

Especially outdoors, a pavement signs must be able to withstand a lot and be as robust and weatherproof as possible. At the same time, they should reflect your company and your advertising message clearly and with high quality.

Among our articles you will find various ways you want to implement your presentation. Our range is divided into the categories: A-Boards, WindSigns and Pavement Signs. Each of these provides versatile specimens with different character.

Poster Holder for Indoor and Outdoor

Forecourt Signs are a frequently seen product on streets and promenades. The items are perfect as poster holders. Posters and billboards can be quickly replaced and are protected by foils. All common formats can be used for this purpose.

With the forecourt signs you will find suitable products for common poster sizes of A4 - A0. The pavement signs often have a folding function. For this reason, they are easy to store and do not take up much space. In addition, the products, which are usually made of aluminum, are very light and can be moved freely at the Point of Sale. This means that the pavement sign can always be placed in the most sales-promoting way possible.

A true bestseller is the Classic A-Board with 32 mm Profile. First choose between rounded or mitred corners and then just select the matching insertion format and you have the right pavement sign. As further equipment a suitable header board can be manufactured. Insert the poster and you're done!

forecourt sign for Outdoor Use
Weatherproof Display with Base

Robust Pavement Sign for Wind & Weather

You want to place the poster holder outside for a long time? No problem. Many of the items included in the range defy wind and weather.

The WindSigns are not only waterproof, but also durable. A base that can be filled with water or sand means that the item is not in danger of tipping over.

Like our Pavement WindSign "Seal". In this model, the posters are held by 2 reusable "adhesive surfaces". The posters are provided with a very strong film. The base of this  pavement sign is equipped with castors and can be filled with water or sand.

We also offer writable WindSigns that are ideal for daily changing offers or menu. Opt for the outdoor WindSign "Madera" with transparent cover for optimal protection of your written information.

Writable Sandwich Boards

In contrast to the WindSign items, Sandwich Boards are more suitable for use on dry days. The boards stand for a natural presentation.

The boards can be easily written on with chalk markers or Illumigraphs. The writing on the wipeable chalk markers can be easily cleaned. This makes it easy to communicate daily menus and short-term discount promotions.

The chalkboards are available in different sizes. On the one hand, you get them in standard paper sizes, such as A1 or A2, but also in other sizes. Due to the low weight of the displays, they are also easy to place.

The classic sandwich board can quickly attract many visitors. Like the elegant Sandwich Board "Natura" with flat wooden frame in UV-resistant colors. It is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use.
Sandwich Board with Wooden Frame

Illuminated Poster Displays

Especially in winter months, you should not only focus on advertising during the day. If you want to advertise for your company and your products even in the dark, choose one of our Illuminated Products. With illuminated advertising, you have the opportunity to address many more passers-by and use your pavement sign around the clock.

The carefully placed LED's of our poster holders not only glow in the dark, but also reflect your print media in the best light. Thus, your advertising messages are optimally illuminated day and night. In addition to various light columns for outdoor use, you will also find the popular WindSigns with LED lighting.

Many Accessories Available

Expand your professional appearance with High-Quality Accessories. The products in our range can be supplemented by a variety of accessories. This is how you make your appearance perfect. The range of accessories helps to protect, design or compliment your advertising with stand-up displays.

To protect your advertising medium in the pavement sign, we offer many different cover sheets. These protective films ensure that the inserts are not soiled or damaged. You can also get replacement sheets for your advertising boards here. For further protection, there are protective covers for transport.

In the design of the pavement sign, especially the sandwich board open up many possibilities. Here you are free in the design with chalk markers and Illumigraphs. They are usually all wipeable and you can choose here between different colors and pen widths. You can also get the matching sponge chalkboards in our range.

To make their appearance perfect, you can choose between different accessories items. A wire hanging basket for flyers is suitable to bring flyers directly to the customer. The basket is hooked into the hinge of the A-shaped pavement sign at the side.

A header board is another option to complement your pavement sign. The sign can be personalized with slogan or logo. It is inserted into the holder from above and draws attention to the pavement sign even from a distance.

Use our product range and find the right pavement sign including accessories for your business.

Customized Production

In our assortment you will find a large number of high-quality and versatile articles. You will find pavement signs for a wide range of applications. Discover the article that suits you best.

And if the right pavement sign is not available, please let us know. VKF Renzel GmbH manufactures a large part of the pavement signs itself. For this reason, we are happy to receive your inquiries about special designs for your business, your location or your company.

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