WindSigns are very popular pavement signs for outdoor use. The base of the display is filled with water or sand, so they withstand even the most adverse weather conditions.
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Advantages of WindSigns compared to classic Pavement Signs

Traditional pavement signs are perfect for attracting the attention of pedestrians to your company or products and are essential for any industry. Sometimes, however, it makes sense to use special wind-resistant pavement signs known as WindSigns, which offer a number of advantages:

Stability and Wind Resistance

Windsigns are specially designed to utilise the wind. They have an arrangement that allows them to swing and move with the wind without tipping over. The exceptional stability is ensured by the plastic base, which can be filled with water and/or sand as required. This makes wind resisting pavement signs perfect for places with high winds.

Movement and Attention

Unlike ordinary pavement signs, WindSigns are known for their dynamic movement, which is created by the interaction of wind and a special spring mechanism. This movement stands out and attracts the attention of pedestrians, which is an ideal choice in coastal areas, in open spaces or on busy street corners!

Wind resisting pavement signs are made from hard-wearing materials such as aluminium and steel to ensure both resistance and durability. They are often built to withstand wind and weather conditions.

Weather Resistance

WindSigns are designed to withstand various climatic conditions. Their resistance to wind makes them a reliable choice that remains effective even in unfavourable weather conditions. In addition, the majority of wind resisting pavement signs are waterproof to protect your posters from rainfall. Unlike traditional sign stands, they can therefore promote your shop even in bad weather.

Mobility and Transport

Despite their sturdy construction, WindSigns are often easy to dismantle. In addition, they have wheels and therefore allow flexible relocation, which makes them attractive for companies with varying advertising requirements.
WindSign with LED

Wind resisting Pavement Signs with LED Illumination

Some WindSigns are designed with LED illumination that allow your advertising message to be conveyed even in the darker months during business hours. These weather-resistant illuminated signs can be powered by either a power cable or a battery, which is housed in the base of the display. Battery power last anywhere between 8 to 24 hours depending on chosen model and if in Eco or regular mode.

Choose between WindSign Seal Lite and our bestseller LED WindSign Seal.

Price and Investment

WindSigns can be somewhat more expensive due to their special construction and the materials used, but represent a longer-term investment due to their robustness and wide range of possible uses.

Poster Change with Snap Frame Technology

The proven folding technology of the snap frames enables the poster inserts of the WindSigns to be changed quickly. To change the contents, simply open the 4 surrounding frame segments.

The protective film can then be removed and the media underneath replaced. After the change, the segments of the folding frame are simply folded shut again. This makes changing posters or billboards quick and easy.

What Sizes are Available?

Most wind resisting pavement signs are designed to hold paper posters. The most popular size is A1 which is 594 x 841 mm (W x H). This is ideal for pedestrian areas where people are passing by on foot. If you want to attract the attention of faster moving cyclists or car drivers the B1 (700 x 1000 mm W x H) or A0 (841 x 1189 mm W x H) WindSign size might be the better choice.
chalkboard windsign madera

Chalkboard WindSign "Madera"

The WindSign "Madera" with its black chalkboard and wooden frame immediately catches the eye. The outdoor wind resisting pavement stand is visually impressive with its elegant, 40 mm wide fir wood frame and the double-sided writable chalkboard, which makes it attractive for a wide range of industries.

The WindSign "Madera" can be used in restaurants, hotels or organic shops, for example. These displays can be used there as a source of information for daily specials or information about events.

The "Madera" stand is equipped with a magnetic chalkboard that can be written on both sides. With a board size of 590 x 780 mm, it offers enough space for labelling with chalk markers or Illumigraphs, which can then be wiped off. An optional magnetic protective film ensures that your advertising messages are preserved.
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