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Pegboard Hooks: Optimal Presentation at the Point of Sale

Shop fittings at the POS should not only be practical, but also variable. An assortment is often changed and so the shop fittings must also be adapted again and again.

With the blister hooks for pegboards, you can always change the order on the shelf or display unit. The hooks are attached to the display unit by simply hooking them in. For more security and hold, there are countless examples with locking device.

The simple attachment means that nothing stands in the way of changes to the shelf. So you can appeal to your customers with a varied presentation of goods. Always adapt the presentation individually to your assortment.

With the variable pegboards and the high-quality pegboard hooks from our range, you can always adapt your shop fittings. Thanks to the easy attachment of the pegwall hooks to the pegboard shelving, other products can be displayed at sight height at short notice. Use your shelving system to draw the attention of customers to certain products.

Place offers at sight or reach height and attract increased attention from visitors and customers. Opt now for a customisable product presentation with blister hooks!


Pegwall Displays, Blister Hooks and Matching Accessories

Many possibilities with little effort. Shop fittings with pegboards can be changed again and again with little effort. And it doesn't take much effort at all.

First of all, you need a pegwall display or Tego shelf with Euro perforations. In the category "pegwall displays" you will find the different displays. In addition to pegboard wall hangers or counter displays, rotating elements are also part of our range. These displays are placed in the shop and the basis for your pegwall display is already in place.

Hooks for the pegboards can be placed as desired. Thanks to the uniform Euro perforation of the pegboards, the items can be attached to any pegboard or Tego shelf. The pegboard hooks with Euro perforations are both easy to attach and easy to remove.

The set of pegwall hooks and Eurohole hooks is completed by accessories. The accessories include attractive product holders, swinging price tag holders and other price pockets. There are numerous possibilities for combination and expansion.


High-quality Pegboard Hooks for Presentation on Pegboards

You have decided to furnish your room with pegboards? In our online shop, you can choose from a wide variety of pegboard hook models. From single hooks to double hooks, hooks with locking device and price label holders. Here you will find everything you need for the ideal presentation of your goods on pegboards.

The pegwall hooks are available in a wide range of lengths and wire thicknesses. So you can adapt the shop fittings perfectly to your assortment. The simple attachment of the pegboard hooks gives you flexibility in designing the presentation of your goods.

In addition to the most common single and double hooks, we also have special heavy-duty double hooks in our range. These are perfect for attaching heavier products securely to the pegboard. The hooks can be easily converted or equipped with new goods and blister packs thanks to various adhesive hooks for retrofitting.

Securing of Products displayed with Pegboard Hooks

In addition, your goods can be secured to the pegboard hook with a hook lock. With the help of the locks, you can secure your assortment against theft.

Simply slide the colourful lock onto the pegboard hook. The products cannot be removed from the hook without the necessary key.

Discover the right pegboard hook for your product display. Place the blister hooks on the pegboard, on the table display or on the rotating merchandise support. We offer hooks for various applications. Choose the pegwall hooks for your area of application now!


Price Labelling on Pegboard Hooks

Price labelling is a central topic at the Point of Sale / Point of Purchase. Besides the shelf edge strips for Tego shelves, there are also other possibilities for price labelling on the pegwall.

One of these possibilities are the blister hooks. Swinging price pockets and price clips are suitable for price labelling directly on the product. So the price is indicated in close proximity to the product. The products can still be easily slid onto the hooks.

A price tag can easily be slid into the different price pockets or clips. A label can be placed on the metal or plastic price clips. Of course, we also offer other ways to mark prices, such as shelf edge rails for pegboard hooks or scanner holders.

Take a look around our range. If you have any questions about the products and their application, we will be happy to advise you!
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