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High-quality pegboards are fitted with a wide variety of pegboard hooks or other system holders as required and are used for optimum product presentation at the PoS.
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Optimal Product Presentation with High-Quality Pegboards

Pegboards play an important role in shop fittings. With the help of a perforated panel, goods are presented easily and clearly in your sales rooms. Our pegboards made of high-quality metal are available in many different sizes and shapes. You can buy them as floor displays with castors, as small counter displays or for mounting on the wall.

Thanks to the use of special perforated wall hooks and other accessories, it is possible to attach a wide variety of products to them. With our retrofit adhesive hooks "Stockaid", for example, you can easily equip or convert your articles for hanging on pegboard hooks. Changes to the range or the addition of new items are also completely unproblematic with a pegboard.


The versatile World of Pegboard Stands and Pegwall Systems

The pegwall display "Easy" is a simple model made of metal that can be used on both sides. Both the front and the back wall can thus be used in the warehouse, in the market or as a tool holder. With its 1-row, 15 mm hole spacing, this pegboard offers exactly the right basis for positioning the desired quantity of pegboard single hooks and pegwall double hooks. With its exclusive powder coating in black, the revolving pegboard stands out for its elegant design. 

The pegwall system "EDEN" is ideal for long walls and large sales rooms. With a height of almost two metres, it offers enough space for many pegboard hooks and a wide range of products.  

The versatile range in our online shop is complemented by various pegwall elements for individual pegboard displays, such as the pegwall component for the freestanding display system "Multi". You can also directly order suitable accessories such as price tags for pegboard hooks made of 4.8 mm wire.

Pegboards, Pegboard Hooks and a wide Range of Accessories

Select the model now that best sums up your requirements. Whether it's a clear counter display, a pegboard floor display or a rotating, mobile pegwall display.  You're sure to find what you're looking for in our online shop, where you'll also find the matching pegboard hooks and other practical accessories to create your own individual pegboard.
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