Pegboards can be really well organised and optimised with matching accessories. Here you will find a large selection of products for securing goods, price labelling and equipping single hooks and double hooks with new products. Even small parts and brochures can be stored on a pegboard with suitable accessories. Take a look through our range! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Large Selection of Accessories for Pegboards and Pegboard Hooks

Pegboard displays and pegboard hooks come in many different designs - and our range of pegboard accessories is just as diverse. There are a wide variety of accessory products that are combined with single or double hooks and serve different purposes. Whether products for securing goods, for price labelling or for simply retrofitting the pegboard hooks with new goods, the selection is large. For example, the numerous designs of retrofit adhesive hooks, with round holes or classic Euro holes. Our retrofit adhesive hook "Stockaid" can be attached to your products in a few seconds and has a load capacity of 500 g. Small parts can be presented with the "Agrotis" hemisphere display; even brochures can be made available directly next to the product on your pegboard with the help of brochure holders.


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