Mobile exhibition counters are particularly suitable for mobile use at trade fairs or events. The foldable counters and pop-up counters are particularly compact to transport. Individually printed, they also act as decorative eye-catchers at the trade fair stand. Discover the right exhibition counter including transport bag now.
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Mobile Exhibition Counters for Your Next Show

The size of the displays plays a decisive role in the transport and storage of trade fair equipment. The aim here is to save important storage or transport space. You can achieve this with compact exhibition counters that are foldable. For this reason, folding counters and pop-up counters are particularly suitable for mobile use.

Thanks to the mobile trade fair counters, compact transport in a car, van or truck is possible. Depending on the vehicle, there is enough space for other elements of the exhibition equipment. To further optimise mobile use at trade fairs, opt for pop-up displays for your exhibition. This way, the entire trade fair transport can be carried out in your own car.

The foldable exhibition counters are suitable for use at career, trade or product fairs. They can also be used as mobile promotion counters. Equipped with printed banners, the displays attractively advertise your company at the venue.

Counter Cases - Transport and Advertising Medium in One Display

Counter cases are a special feature of mobile exhibition counters. They are primarily used as cases for transporting exhibition stands with a pop-up displays. As soon as the stand is removed, the case is transformed into a counter case with a cover plate. These counters thus serve not only as transport aids but also as printed exhibition counters at your stand.

Pop up Counters and Foldable Exhibition Counters

Both pop-up counters and foldable exhibition counters are not only easy to transport, but also easy to set up. With the help of simple grid systems or foldable systems, they can be set up in just a few steps. This allows for quick assembly, even on the day of the fair itself.

In addition, the simple assembly ensures that not only stand builders or experienced persons succeed in setting up the stand. The system is self-explanatory and can be easily assembled even by laymen and inexperienced stand personnel. Our assembly instructions and videos are available to help with any uncertainties. Pop Up Displays are characterised by all-round easy handling.
Foldable exhibition counter without print

Aluminium Folding Counter

Pop Up counter Fabric with cover plate

Pop-up Counter

The Pop-up Displays are folding counters with a scissor grid system.

This can be folded compactly and pulled apart again. The grid system consists of an aluminium frame, which ensures a low weight. Insert the shelves into the grid system to create shelves and storage space. A wooden top plate provides the high-quality surface of the counter.

Use this surface to display brochures or promotional items at the trade fair or Point of Sale. A banner printed with your desired motif serves as an advertising space for new products, services or sustainability in the company. Before or after the tool-free assembly or disassembly, the counter can be stored in a bag or trolley.

Custom printed for your next Event

Exhibition counters are a central component of trade fair equipment and are noticed by a large number of visitors on the day of the event. With attractive printing, you can attract visitors not only to the stand. The advertising space of the counter can be printed individually or equipped with banners.

The counter or the banner can accommodate photo motifs, your logo or products. Use the space to increase awareness of your brand or to draw attention to new products. The space can be used for different events depending on the advertising purpose.

Promote your new product line made of recycled material. Communicate the award of a famous prize to new customers. Put the benefits of your product in the advertising spotlight. By printing your logo, you ensure brand awareness and let it speak for itself.

By coordinating the print with that on the stand space, you can maximise the advertising effect. For example, use the trade fair to generate interest in the new product made from recycled material. At the counter, you can hand out flyers in the same design that outline the advantages of the product in detail.

Examples for the Integration of Mobile Trade Fair Counters into the Exhibition Stand

Transport Bag included for mobile Use

No matter where you use the foldable exhibition counters. You benefit from easy transport and tool-free assembly. This saves you time, storage space and energy when setting up and on the road. Thanks to the easy handling, the exhibition counters with transport bag are used in various areas. Replaceable advertising banners favour long-term use at trade fairs and events.

Thanks to its mobile use, a pop-up counter can be taken anywhere, but can also be set up quickly at the point of sale. This makes these counters suitable for quick use at special promotions, business festivals or local events. Depending on the event, you can change the banner or use the same one over and over again.

Choose to use a counter to welcome visitors in style and provide a point of contact for questions. Discover the right counter for your next event now. We can supply you with mobile trade fair counters with or without printing, depending on your requirements. We will be happy to help you with the selection or the creation of the print data.
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