As individually printed, mobile counters, the trade fair counters are used at exhibitions and events. They are easy to transport and also available with LED lighting. Discover LED counters and mobile trade fair counters for the presentation of brochures and giveaways. The trade fair counters can optionally be printed directly with your motif.
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Mobile Counters for Use at Trade Fairs & Events

Counters are popular components of shops, reception areas, hotels, restaurants or service points. At a comfortable height, they offer space for customers and staff to interact. They are used for advice, the exchange of goods or the distribution of information material. Due to their central location, counters are often the first point of contact for requests, suggestions or questions.

An installed counter is very popular with customers and interested parties. They often remove the first inhibition to contact your staff. You can also benefit from these advantages of a counter at trade fairs. As exhibition counters, the counters are set up on the exhibition booth.

This is where the trade fair counters for the exhibition stand, including printing, come into their own. They serve as a consultation table or information point in small or large areas. The counters are easy to transport to the stand because they are equipped with a carrying bag. The assembly of the trade fair counters is also uncomplicated.

The simple assembly and compact transport make mobile use so attractive. Compared to classic reception counters, the trade fair counters can be folded or disassembled. This saves important storage space in the van. In addition, the trade fair equipment with exhibition counter also fits into the car.

Trade Fair Counters with LED Lighting

In our online assortment you will find round counters, trade fair counters with an aluminium base frame or LED counters. Illuminated exhibition counters are used for special visibility at trade fairs or events. The LED trade fair counters in our range are those with LED technology. Here, the printed banner is conspicuously set in scene by LED lighting.

The light modules backlight the respective banner advertising in a high-quality form. The modern LED technology ensures uniform illumination of the motifs. The illumination ensures that the motifs remain perfectly visible even in dark lighting conditions. Choose a trade fair counter with LED lighting to benefit from more attention from potential customers.

Individually printed Counters for the Exhibition Stand

A trade fair counter not only serves as a practical counter area at the trade fair. It also functions as an attractive advertising display and eye catcher. Because the surface of the counter can be individually designed according to your wishes. This way, your logo, image motifs or products can find space on the trade fair counter.

Depending on the counter, it offers you a different size of surface for printing. Round or convex counters offer the largest advertising space. As a rule, you can advertise your products here continuously without interruption by profiles. Use the advertising space to transfer the theme of your exhibition stand to the counter.

The combination of trade fair counter and exhibition stand in coordinated printing ensures a professional image. It ensures that the advertising and your impression will stick better in the minds of visitors. Opt for a one-colour print including your logo. Alternatively, you can print your desired motif on the entire surface of the display.
Round trade fair counter printed with logo

Trade Fair Counters in Round Design

Round counters offer an advertising space that extends over almost the entire surface. Attractive printing allows you to advertise over almost the entire surface. On top, there is a circular cover panel for handing out information or advising to potential customers.

Due to the round shape and the all-round printing, the counters should be placed centrally on the booth. This makes them easily visible and accessible from all sides. Shelves inside the counter provide storage space on the stand. Flyers, give-aways or brochures to hand out or refill can thus be found directly inside the trade fair counter.

The round counters for the exhibition stand are popular with staff at trade fairs. As a foldable counter, the trade fair counters are quickly assembled and equipped with banners. The simple assembly saves valuable time when setting up the trade fair stand. You can attract trade fair visitors to your booth with an attractive print on the exhibition counter or other exhibition stand ideas.

Discover the round trade fair counters as round counters or round columns for your trade fair stand. Attractive advertising motifs are created through appealing image montages or redesigns of logos and icons. These find space on the trade fair counter or the higher round columns. Choose the round displays with a height of 900 mm up to 2200 mm.

Professional Trade Fair Equipment from VKF Renzel

The furnishing of trade fairs and events is also a decisive factor in their success. With high-quality displays, you can have a positive influence on the success of the trade fair. With the help of eye-catchers, an attractive programme or casual lounge corners, you can appeal to trade fair visitors.

With our trade fair counters on your stand, you offer visitors a central contact point for their questions. Score points with friendliness and good service. Use the various trade fair counters for your trade fair stand.

For this purpose, we offer you printed trade fair counters with a motif to match your trade fair stand. You can also get LED trade fair stands with matching LED counters from us.

In addition to the trade fair counters, we offer you many other products for a successful trade fair. We provide you with the all-round package for your next trade fair. Whether it's a career fair, a trade fair or a large event - we are the right address for trade fair and event equipment.
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