Counters made of aluminium profile are ideal for mobile use. Exhibition counters serve as the first point of contact for visitors at trade fairs and events. They combine the features of counters and attractive advertising space. Discover our aluminium profile counters including print.
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Mobile Counters including advertising Print

Mobile displays also help you make a professional appearance at various events. As classic exhibition counters, the counters can not only support you at career fairs, trade fairs or product fairs. The counters are also used at receptions, events or lectures. The easy assembly makes the mobile use of the counters so attractive.

Exhibition counters are characterised by easy assembly and compact transport. They can be easily transported in a car and set up by non-professionals. This allows repeated use for the presentation of your products and services. The high-quality counter makes a good impression of your company on visitors.

Equipped with an imprint, you can influence the image with customers or visitors. The trade fair counters consist of an aluminium frame and printable panels. These can be used for advertising purposes or striking graphics. Place eye-catching advertising messages on the counter to attract the attention of potential customers.

Interchangeable panels make the counter perfect for multiple uses. Advertise permanently with the same motif or equip the counter with a new print for the next exhibition.

easy transport

with car and transport bag

high-quality materials

sturdy counter, can be used again and again

attractive printing

printing on the front and sides

Exhibition Counters made of Aluminium Profile

The production from aluminium profiles supports the mobile use of exhibition counters. The light metal ensures a stable construction of the counters. Aluminium round tubes, square tubes or construction profiles are used for this purpose. A cover plate can be placed on the aluminium base frame.

Here you have the choice between plain lids in white, black or silver. Our aluminium trade fair counters are also available with counters in a natural beech look. Thanks to the large selection, the counter can be ideally adapted to your needs and your mission statement.

Advertise with a natural wooden top plate and green printing on the exhibition counters with advertising motif. In this way, you convey a sustainable and nature-loving image. Or opt for a silver cover plate and futuristic advertising motifs to present yourself as innovative and future-oriented. We offer you the right trade fair counter for your company's image.

Ideal for Exhibitions, Events and Functions

In our range you will find round, rectangular or hexagonal exhibition counters. By printing on the front and sides, the trade fair counter serves as an advertising display on your exhibition booth. The attractive design draws attention to the counter and attracts visitors. Centrally positioned, the counter serves as the first point of contact at trade fairs, events and functions.

The area of the counter can be used for displaying information or models as well as for consultation. As a rule, employees are placed at the exhibition counters who are available to answer questions. They act as representatives of your company and serve as the first point of contact.

The counter makes it easier for your staff to communicate as well as advise customers. You can use the table area for clarifying questions, reception counters or presenting products. Inside the counter, staff can store materials such as flyers or promotional items.

A printed exhibition counter effectively serves as an eye-catcher at trade fairs. However, the products are also suitable as counters, information counters, promotion stands or lecterns. Discover the right counter made of aluminium profile for your area of application.

Exhibition Counter: Counter and Advertising Space

Our exhibition counters are available in various shapes. Choose between round counters, rectangular counters, hexagonal counters or counters with a convex shape. Depending on the model, the counters offer a different lid and advertising space. Opt for angular, geometric trade fair counters or those that are curved in a sweeping manner.

Depending on the exhibition counter, it is also possible to equip it with a header board. The header board can increase the visibility of the counter at trade fairs and events. Thanks to our in-house print shop, we can offer you attractive printing of the respective exhibition counters with or without a header board. Send us your print specifications via our upload platform - we offer you a free print data check.

Choose one of our counters with a height of approx. 1000 mm. Use the counters for the presentation of your company in mobile use. A transport bag accompanies you during the easy transport of the counters from one location to the next. We will be happy to help you choose the right trade fair counter for your needs.
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