Tips for a Perfect Presentation of the Products

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Tips for Perfect Product Presentation

Products and goods that are placed in a sales-promoting way at the point of sale influence your customers' purchasing decisions. With more than 35 years of experience in the POS sector and 19,000 products in sales promotion, VKF Renzel is your ideal partner to support you in the correct presentation of your products.

Tip No. 1 - Attractive Shop Window Design

The shop window is the first contact a customer has with your shop. The design of the shop window often determines whether a customer visits the shop or walks past it.

Due to changes in the product range and seasonal promotions, the shop window design must be commercially flexible. In this case, the digital POS has a great advantage as it can be easily changed. The effect of digital displays and illuminated window displays should not be neglected either. But even without digital displays, the design of a shop window can be flexible. Our Easy Cubes series is the perfect proof of this.

Stop hesitant passers-by now and invite them to visit your shop with an attractive shop window.

Tip No. 2 - An Attractive Salesroom

An attractive salesroom is not defined by its condition, but by the way it is furnished. In the salesroom, you have the opportunity to guide customers through your shop or company with a well thought-out design and thus have a significant influence on their behaviour. Draw people's attention to your bestsellers, special offers or seasonal products.

You will also find the right price tag for your shop design in our online range.

Tip No. 3 - Product Displays that Put your Products Centre Stage

Merchandise displays are displays on which products and goods are attractively presented in order to advertise them. The task of the product display is therefore to present the product in the best possible way while at the same time appearing rather inconspicuous as a display. For this reason, VKF Renzel manufactures its product displays largely from transparent materials. Many of these displays can be personalised with an imprint so that the presentation promotes the product.

The individual displays are ideal for marketing your products in combination with your brand. Be inspired by individual displays.

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