Professional Air Purifier "PLR Silent" with HEPA Filter H14 and UV-C Light

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Product highlights

  • suitable for rooms up to 150 m² (with 2.5 m ceiling height)
  • filters 99,995 % of viruses
  • long-life HEPA H14 filter
  • power infinitely adjustable to room size and volume
  • switchable, shielded UV-C lamp
  • mobile and light (only 22 kg)
  • adjustable day and night switching
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Luftreiniger PLR Mini

Air Purifier "PLR-Mini"

up to 110 m²

Profi Luftreiniger PLR Silent+

Air Purifier "PLR-Silent+"

up to 250 m²

Prof Luftreiniger PLR Max

Air Purifier "PLR-Max"

up to 800 m²


"PLR-Silent Secure"

Purifier for Schools and Kindergarten


Item number

Product Description

Quiet in operation

Sound level in dB (A)*
  25% - 44 dB
  50% - 59 dB
  75% - 65 dB
100% - 69 dB

mobile in use

always present where you need it
easy to move with only 22 kg and 4 castors

filters 99.995 % of viruses

the built-in HEPA filter H14 also filters bacteria, aerosols and allergens

activatable UV-C light

optionally activatable for additional inactivation of viruses
(available without UV-C light on request)

Reduction of the risk of infection

the exposure to viruses, especially in closed rooms, can be reduced

high air exchange rate

cleans up to 1062 m³ air per hour

Touch Display

for infinitely variable adjustment of the desired output level adapted to room size and volume

Plug & Play

simple commissioning without specialist personnel

The Highlights of the Air Purifier

  • operation via touch display
  • adjustable day and night switch
  • UV lamps with adjustable switch-on and switch-off delay
  • energy-saving, quiet and performance-optimised fan with high capacity
  • stable, light and powder-coated housing
  • HEPA filter according to EN 1822 class H14
  • simple, very low-emission filter change, filter change is indicated visually**
  • infinitely variable output regulation 0 – 100 %
  • automatic soft start of the motor
  • suitable for rooms up to 150 m² (with a room height of 2.5 m and a 2.5-fold air exchange per hour)

Range of Applications

✓ Aerosols
✓ Viruses and bacteria
✓ Allergens (mould spores, pet hairs, dust mites, pollen, dust, etc.)

When using the optional activated Carbon

✓ Odours (body odours, kitchen odours, colour odours, smoke odours, etc.)
✓ Chemical substances (volatile organic compounds)

High performance Air Purifier for professional use

The professional room air cleaner with 3 filter stages reliably cleans the air of aerosols, bacteria, pollen and viruses. The high performance air filter cleans up to 1062 m³ of air per hour and is therefore particularly suitable for large rooms with a high number of people. The unit consists of a powerful blower with a 3-stage filter unit. The air is sucked in and passed through a pre-filter past UV-C lamps and then passes through the built-in HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter Class H14) filter. This achieves a degree of separation of 99.995 %.

Switch for UV-C lamps for inactivating viruses - also available without UV-C lamps on request

The unit incorporates high-quality UV-C technology from Philips. The UV-C lamps can be optionally switched on and are not absolutely necessary for effective use of the air purifier. The light supports the filter performance of the air purifier. To inactivate the filtered viruses, the UV-C light is directed onto the filter. People who are in the room are not exposed to the UV-C light. This prevents direct contact with the UV-C rays. The UV-C lamp is safely shielded. On request we can also offer the unit without built-in UV-C technology.

UV-C radiation (100-280 nm) is used in physical disinfection technology for technical applications. Continuous irradiation with so-called remote UV light can safely inactivate flu viruses and also corona viruses in the air. UV lamps in hospitals, doctors' surgeries and public spaces can thus be a way of minimising the spread of pathogens.


Fields of Application

✓ Retirement / nursing homes
✓ Doctors' surgeries
✓ Bars
✓ Authorities
✓ Offices
✓ Reception areas
✓ Hairdressing salons
✓ Gyms
✓ Hotels, hotel rooms
✓ Canteens
✓ Kindergartens
✓ Hospitals
✓ Laboratories
✓ Museums
✓ Nail studios
✓ public spaces
✓ private areas
✓ Restaurants
✓ Schools
✓ Therapy rooms
✓ Universities
✓ waiting areas
✓ Living space

*The values were measured at a distance of 1 metre from the unit, the basic volume was 33 dB(A)
**Filter change after 8,800 hours of operation - with 24 hours/day operation change after 1 year, with 8 hours/day operation approx. every 3 years

Attention: Only our original filters guarantee safe use!

Calculate the recommended number of air purifiers for your room

Specify floor space, room height and the desired air circulation per hour

Number of recommended air purifiers: 1*

* Recommended number may vary according to individual requirements

Frequently asked questions about the air purifier

How many devices do I need for one room?
For a simple calculation, use our calculator. We would be happy to help you personally with the planning of your air purification concept.
Where are the units best placed?
As long as the unit has good access to the room air, it can be placed anywhere. It is best to position it so that all sides are free. However, it can also be placed against a wall. In addition, our unit can be adjusted to your exact requirements by means of manual power regulation. The programmable day and night switching extends the performance of the device.
When do I switch on the UV-C function?
For maximum security with regard to virus inactivation, we recommend switching on the UV-C function.
How maintenance-intensive is the unit and how often do the filters need to be changed?
Regular maintenance is not necessary. We recommend changing the filter after 8,800 operating hours. The filter change is indicated optically and can be done without specialist personnel.
How effective is the unit against COVID-19?
The filter safely traps viruses including the corona virus. The air purifier removes viruses from the drawn-in air to 99.995 %.
Do rooms need to be additionally ventilated?
To ensure a sufficient supply of fresh air and oxygen, rooms should be ventilated regularly.
Is it suitable for use in classrooms?
Yes. Our devices have been tested by the University of Wuppertal in a school class. The study is available on request.
What do I have to consider when changing the filter?
Neither skilled personnel nor protective equipment is required for filter change. Touching the filter is no more dangerous than using a door handle.
Is the UV-C light in the air purifier harmful?
The UV-C lamp is safely shielded. People who are in the room are not exposed to UV-C light. The high-quality UV-C lamps with special glass from Philips only produce a negligible, unmeasurable ozone level in the first 2-3 days.


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