• for short-term promotions
  • space-saving transport
  • quick assembly and dismantling
  • for indoor and outdoor use
  • incl. custom branding

A promotion stand helps you to advertise products and services intensively and at short notice. The stands are mobile and easy to transport by car. Discover our promotion stands for indoor and outdoor use and have them printed individually.
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Promote Products and Services Effectively

With a promotion stand you can successfully advertise your company and your services. Set up the stand in a department store, on your trade fair stand or in your retail outlet. With attractive printing, the promotional counter and advertising material will attract attention from afar. The stand invites customers to come closer and get personal advice.

Promotion stands are often used for tastings. In combination with a tasting stand, you can give potential customers a taste of your product. The counter offers enough space to prepare samples and information for distribution. The counter has storage space for products, give-aways or print media.

With such an advertising campaign, you can get interested people excited about your company and new products. In contrast to online advertising, you come into direct contact with your target group. Arouse people's curiosity with an attractive promotional campaign with a promotional stand.

Introduction of new products


Contacting new customers

Promotion Stand for your long Shopping Night

Let's assume you are launching a special shopping promotion in your shops, such as a Ladies Night. You can advertise this promotion in advance by setting up a promoter and handing out flyers or discount vouchers. On the evening itself, set up the printed promoter with banner or beach flag at the entrance.

Use the promotion stand to greet customers in a friendly manner. You can also hand out discount vouchers or even give-aways or a drink. And you have already laid the foundation for a unique shopping experience for your customers.

Promotion Stand: the Set for your Point of Sale

In addition to printable counters, we also offer complete sets. In this way, you not only advertise with a counter, but also draw attention to yourself with advertising material. The sets are equipped with roll-up banners, beach flags or header boards. Potential customers will thus notice your stand even over the heads of passers-by.

The advertising materials offer additional advertising space that you can use to promote your company's image. Increase the awareness of your brand and ensure a lasting branding effect. We offer you the products including printing. A free check of the print data ensures optimal print results.

The right Promotion Stand for your Application

A promotion stand set - endless possibilities. True to this motto, you can use the stand in a variety of ways for your advertising purposes. The compact stand is easy to transport by car and quick and easy to set up. A practical transport bag makes transport particularly convenient.

This way, your sales force or trade fair representative is well equipped - attractive advertising paired with easy handling. In addition, our products are suitable for multiple use and can thus become an integral part of your marketing material. From use to use, the advertising materials remain well packed in the transport bag.

You can find the stands at open days, in food retail or in DIY stores. However, the promotion stand is particularly popular at trade fairs. The B1 certification of the products makes them ideal for use at trade fairs. Decide now on a promotion stand for the next trade fair or your next regional advertising campaign.
Counter for your next promo campaign incl. advertising application

Now use effectively Indoors or Outdoors

The use of a promotion stand is not only possible indoors but also outdoors. This means you can also carry out promotional activities in the fresh air. With a promotion stand, you can present yourself at city festivals or outdoor sporting events. The floor plates of the sets provide the necessary stability to use the advertising materials even in windy conditions.

The stand can also be set up quickly for outdoor use. You can get started straight away with your promotions or tastings. In outdoor use, a promotional stand is perfect for use in combination with a pavilion. In summer, you can provide shade for walk-in customers and dry shelter when it rains.

Choose a promotion stand for mobile and effective advertising. Use the stand in the launch phase of your product to increase its awareness and future sales. Offline marketing with a promotional stand is applicable to a wide range of products. Discover the effect of a promotional counter now for your products and services.

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