Just like with adults, you can also give great pleasure with promotional items for children and leave a lasting impression on children and parents. High-quality and unique promotional products make children of all ages smile. We will gladly print the giveaway for children according to your wishes. Discover also the wide range of sustainable promotional gifts in our assortment!
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Lasting impression on children & parents

With the right promotional gift, you can not only give pleasure, but above all leave a lasting impression. In this way, you can strengthen the loyalty of existing customers, thank customers or arouse interest. Especially promotional items that are often used in everyday life are perfect as giveaways. Through the frequent use of the promotional gift, your company also comes to the attention of the owner again and again.

For adults, this is why they like to give away pens, key rings or even kitchen utensils. Sweet advertising is also often and gladly used. Depending on the target group, you can please your customers with sweets or a healthy alternative. At the same time, you can improve the image of your company with sustainable products or packaging.

Toys in particular are chosen as promotional gifts for children. The respective gift awakens a joy in the children with which they like to occupy themselves. In addition, the gift can be an occupation for children in the shop or at trade fairs. While the little ones are busy, the parents deal with your products and services.

Promotional products for children - ideal for the family-oriented target group

Ideally, you will not only make the children happy with the advertising material. The positive feeling of the children is usually automatically transferred to their parents. In this way, you will also be remembered by the adults in a special way. You are guaranteed to remember the joy that the giveaway gave your child.

By giving children a gift, you can score points especially with family-oriented target groups. In institutions that work closely with children, handing out giveaways to children is particularly gratefully received. But also in other sectors you should not only concentrate on the usual giveaways. Promotional items for children can help to address new target groups and expand your customer base.

In our online shop you will find various promotional items with which you can please children of different ages. The packaging or the promotional gift itself can be printed individually according to your wishes. A print helps to strengthen the lasting impression on the customer. Your logo will quickly awaken the memory of your company and strengthen it in the mind.

Suitable for different age groups

Individually printable

Deep impact of your advertising

Various promotional items for children with print

In our online shop you will find various articles to surprise children. In addition to high-quality games and colouring materials, you will also find textiles in our range. You can even find sustainable promotional gifts in our shop. These items are made from natural raw materials and thus replace finite or harmful materials.

The various articles can be distributed in scatter campaigns, at events or on special occasions. The small gifts provide highlights and a lasting impression of various events. Trade fairs, Christmas markets and new openings are just a few of the countless possible applications. Promotional items can accompany your appearance in all situations and positively influence your external image.

Beyond the use at events and functions, the articles are also popular as birthday gifts. In nurseries, day care centres and hospitals, children can be surprised on their birthday. Also in the hotel industry you cause great joy with such a birthday surprise. The attention is also perceived extremely positively and gratefully by parents and relatives.

Especially in institutions that deal with children on a daily basis, promotional gifts for children should be implemented. Through the small attentions, you convey the high value that children have in your facilities or in your company.

Besides the classic giveaways, sweet advertising can also be used to surprise children. Gummy bears in special shapes, Easter bunnies or delicious sweets are especially popular with foodies. In addition, advertising with sweets or nibbles appeals to different age groups. The small sachets or packaging of these items are particularly suitable for scatter campaigns due to the low risk of injury.
Since almost everyone can be pleased with sweet advertising, these items are ideal for mass marketing. Conventional promotional gifts therefore offer more of an opportunity to target children. In addition, the products can be used for longer and therefore also receive a higher ranking. This can ensure a higher ranking of your business with the children's parents.

No matter which item you choose, you can bring great joy to children even with small gestures. A colourful and creatively designed package can further increase the children's expectations and joy. When it comes to printing, there are almost no limits with us. We are also happy to help you create the appropriate print data.

Discover the profound advertising effect of promotional items for children. Ensure a positive and attentive image with your existing customers or appeal to new target groups! We will be happy to support you in the appropriate selection of your promotional gifts for the next event. In addition, we provide you with the option of personalising products individually or support you in creating the print data.
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