A refrigerated display case keeps your goods cool and fresh while also presenting them attractively to your customers.
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Fresh and Well-Chilled Products for your Customers

Coolness and freshness are two terms that are closely associated with the purchase and consumption of food. In order to pass on products to the customer in an optimal form, it is important to keep the products cool until they are sold. At the same time, of course, there should be an attractive product presentation.

With a refrigerated display case you can combine these two objectives. It helps to present products in optimal quality at the point of sale. In addition, an illuminated refrigerated display case ensures that the products are presented in the right light. The appropriate lighting can help to present products in an attractive and tastier way.

The light supports the colours of the food and makes it appear fresher, crunchier or more appealing. This can partly influence the buying decision. The position of your products within the refrigerated display case is also crucial. The display case offers different heights to display the goods.

Offer selected products at optimal viewing height or within arms reach. This way you can draw the attention of customers or guests to certain products. Promote new products with a special place in your refrigerated shelf or display case. With a gastro refrigerated display case, you can draw attention to a particular dish of special cake of the day.

Refrigerated Display Cases for Gastronomy

In gastronomy, cleaning the display case also plays a decisive role. After presenting your fresh produce and dishes, the gastro refrigerated display cases are easy and convenient to clean. Some of the showcases can even be opened on several sides. This not only makes cleaning easier, it makes it easier to change out the food being presented within the display case. 

Pieces of cake, for example, can be filled and served from two different sides. Alternatively, the cakes can always be presented in an attractive way.

Without disturbing onlookers, staff can conveniently remove the cakes from behind. Discover the two-sided Refrigerated Showcase "Kathrin" or many other display cases for your restaurant or café.

Areas of Application for Refrigerated Display Cases and Refrigerated Shelves

The areas of application for refrigerated display cases range from gastronomy and events to equipping the company's own canteen. This ensures freshness and quality at the respective place of use. The areas of application can vary depending on the display case.

Classic gastro refrigerated display cases are mainly used in cafés, restaurants or cafeterias. Pieces of cake, desserts or dishes can be displayed in such a showcase. As an integral part of the furnishings, the display case contributes positively to the room climate. The decorative display pieces form an eye-catcher in the room and give your products the desired attention from customers.

The respective showcase can be placed anywhere in your venue and only requires a nearby power socket. Due to the easy handling, the showcases can be used not only stationary but also in mobile situations.

The mobile use of a refrigerated display case ensures an appealing presentation and high product quality on the go. The refrigerated shelf or display case can be used individually or as an extension of a buffet. In any case, you ensure that customers can enjoy a cool drink on stressful trade fair days.

With fresh and cool food or drinks, you can really score points with any target group. Especially at trade fairs or events, snacks or drinks go over well. In addition, fresh and high-quality snacks leave a particularly positive impression on customers or visitors. The refrigerated display case makes it possible to present drinks and food at various events in an appealing and perfectly cooled manner.

The POS Cooler table display case is a special type of refrigerated display case. You can use this item ideally for branding or advertising purposes. On the side, the POS table display case can be customised via various advertising attachments. In combination with the elegant design, the POS Cooler serves as a real eye-catcher on every counter.

You will also find the classic free-standing display cases with cooling function in our range. As an integral part of the presentation of goods, refrigerated display cases have become indispensable in many snack bars, bakeries and petrol stations. Due to their narrow but high shape, they hardly take up any sales space. Due to their height, the showcases cannot be overlooked and also present goods at an optimal height that is within reach. 

Appealing Product Presentation

Set a Desired Temperature

Eye-catcher on Site

Refrigerated Shelves and Display Cases for your Sales Promotion

With the help of our refrigerated display cases and refrigerated shelves you can attract more attention to your products. This can have a positive effect on your sales. Intelligent cooling also ensures high product quality and increased customer satisfaction.

Your customers can continue to enjoy the products they have just purchased fresh and chilled. The freshness of your products will undoubtedly leave a positive impression on customers, leading to the retention of regular customers and the acquisition of new ones.

Not only your products benefit from a refrigerated display case, but also your business. With such a showcase, you increase the presentation of your fresh goods to a higher level. Customers will be impressed by this investment and it can give you an edge. The showcases also match any shop interior and even enhance it. If the showcases have castors, they can also be used in a mobile way.

A strategically placed refrigerated display case can effectively increase your sales promotion. Especially when positioned in the checkout area or at the entrance, the showcases can entice spontaneous purchases. An example of this is when a customer grabs a fresh and chilled drink at the sight of it. In this case, the display case has encouraged the customer to buy and thus had a positive effect on your sales.

Use this and the many other advantages of a refrigerated display case for your business. Equip your restaurant, exhibition stand, petrol station or salesroom with an attractive refrigerated display case. Take advantage of the additional attention that such an item draws to your products.

Discover the different showcases from our online shop for your area of application. Are you looking for a table showcase as an extension for your buffet? Do you need an elegant stand-up display case for your interior?

We can provide you with various solutions for your point of sale. Let us advise you now!
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