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  • professional and exclusive presentation of your products
  • eye-catcher for your customers 
  • integrated LED lighting for optimum illumination
  • optionally lockable for maximum security

With a table-top showcase or a counter showcase, you can display goods in an attractive and high-quality way. The showcase, lockable or also available with lighting, are popular tools at trade fairs or for shop fitting. Discover our counter display cases with or without base cabinet. We offer you the matching showcases for table-top and counter.
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Showcase, Counter Showcases for various Products

Showcases are popular advertising media for displaying goods in a central and highly visible location. The glass displays allow a good view of the displayed items inside. At the same time, they protect them from outside influences. Placed on the table or counter, they draw attention specifically to your products.

Inside the presentation showcases, there is room for goods from different product groups. Showcases create and reinforce the impression of the high quality of the goods presented in them. This effect of showcases can be used for different businesses and also products. Furthermore, showcases also have a positive effect on shop fittings.

The shapely displays can be placed attractively on table-tops or counters. There they highlight the goods and draw the attention of customers to these products. Classically, jewellery, designer accessories or exhibits can be found in these showcases. Discover the attention-grabbing effect for various other uses as well.

Counter Showcase with Base Cabinet


Counter Showcase without Base Cabinet

Counter showcases are showcases with a base or those that are placed on counters and tables. A full-surface glass display case gives you full presentation space over one or more shelves. The objects inside can be seen on all sides and the valuable display attracts attention from afar. If you are looking for a display case with additional storage space, we recommend the models with base cabinet.

A counter showcase with base cabinet offers an attractive presentation surface. At the same time, goods, documents or private items can be stored here. In this way, you can create additional storage space at trade fairs. Or you can store additional products in the salesroom directly below the presentation of the goods in the showcase. This way, you have additional sizes or variants directly at hand.

With these display counters, you invite customers to take a closer look at the jewellery or articles inside. These can be admired from above as well as from the sides. For you, this means that the showcase can be used both as an exhibition display and as a counter. A flexible display for your interior and for serving customers.

Lockable Showcases

High-priced or particularly valuable products are often displayed in a showcase. These are particularly highlighted in the showcase. To protect them from damage or soiling, many people opt for a lockable showcase. Our table-top showcases are usually equipped with a lock to protect the value of your goods.

By equipping them with a lock, the showcases can be locked with a key. For you, this means a secure presentation with theft protection. This also allows you to exchange the goods inside quickly and at any time. Thanks to the sliding or hinged door, the placement of seasonal goods or the replacement of decorative elements is possible spontaneously.

Discover the counter showcases for displaying accessory items. With the display, you can place them on the table or counter directly in the customer's field of vision. Use the space on sales counters, trade fair displays or consulting tables. Discover the showcase table-top display cases for a safe and successful promotion of products.
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Counter Showcases: use at Trade Fairs and in Shop Fitting

In addition to their use in museums, glass showcases are also popular for trade fairs or in retail shop fitting. As an advertising or product display, they complete the equipment here. The displays offer a particularly attractive and eye-catching surface for presentation. The articles are positioned inside, and lighting also ensures optimum illumination.

At trade fairs, the display cases can present specific exhibits or samples. In shop fitting, they awaken the desire for the product and can even be used as a counter. Potential customers who want to take a closer look at the products can then be approached by your specialist advisors. They have the key to the counter display case and can also remove the products from the display.

Table-top Showcases & Counter Showcases with Lighting

As already mentioned, showcases reinforce the impression of the high quality of goods and thus also of your company. This is especially true in the case of a display case with lighting. Modern LED illuminants highlight the products on display even more. The result is perfect illumination at any time of day.

The special effect of light on the eye ensures increased visibility at the point of sale. Potential buyers are thus drawn specifically to the goods or offers on display. These are beautifully staged by the warm light. Even on dark days or when there is little light, the articles remain well presented.

In addition, you benefit from the possibility of individually adapting the lighting to your products. So align the LED modules with your product presentation. Ensure a professional and exclusive image by displaying the goods in high-quality counter showcases with lighting.

Glass Showcase for Table-top and Counter

safe and attractive presentation of your products

With table-top and counter displays you can increase the attention of your products. At the same time, the displays underline their value, which can have a positive effect on the target group. The central placement of the product presentation stimulates a need or desire for the product.

Inside the glass showcases, there is room for electrical goods, accessories or cosmetics. As you can see, the showcase offers space for a wide variety of products, promotions or information. Use the display case as a showcase to display certain models. Discover the sales-promoting effect of showcases.

Choose the glass showcases as helpful as well as practical displays at trade fairs, in the sales room or museums. Select a display case here and configure it as you wish. Discover illuminated table-top showcases and counter showcases with base cabinet for your company.
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