The use of a display case allows you to present your goods individually. Whether with or without lighting, whether all-glass display case, profile display case, counter or table display case or as a glass wall or transparent room divider, we have an option here for you. The showcase is a great way to present your goods professionally. They enhance the respective products and put them in the centre of attention.
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With our Showcases and Display Cases you are well Equipped

Showcases are available for hanging or as decorative floor standing pieces made entirely of glass. Showcases and display cabinets are often just the right presentation surface to show off products to their best advantage. Of course, the area of application can vary greatly: For example, the hanging showcase serves as an information provider in front of a city hall or public building, and restaurants also often use classic showcases for menu displays. Free-standing glass display cases, on the other hand, are often used in museums, in banks, jewelers or other retail stores. There is a wide range of applications for indoor and outdoor display cases and showcases, each made of glass in a variety of designs. In addition to a wide range of all-glass display cases and profile display cases, you will also find in our online offer various special display cases such as counter display cases, refrigerated display cases or even round and oval display cases.

Versatile Offer Behind Glass - Modern Showcases in all Designs

From our years of experience we know that showcases and display cases must meet particularly high demands. Therefore, we provide you with high quality showcases and display cases, which are impressive not only by their function and design, but also by their quality.

If you are looking for a wall-mounted display case, then the "FSK" Display Case could be the right model for you: with a depth of just 30 mm, this super-flat display case for indoor use is ideal for presenting information notices and information sheets or for general announcements, etc.

Maybe you are looking for a decorative glass display case? Then the Glass Display Case "Juno" could be a good model for your sales or exhibition area. This all-glass display case with colored base is the perfect presentation surface for products and information.

Or you can decide now for the Freestanding Showcase "Square", which in addition to its shape also offers a convenient practical function: In addition to four height-adjustable feet, the LED shelf lighting provides beautiful lighting effects. Thus, the various decorative presentation showcases contribute to a particularly beautiful ambience.

Showcases and Display Cabinets for Every Area of Application

Here in our online store you will find a versatile selection of display cases and showcases in various designs and finishes. Find out about our different models of showcases, wall and suspended showcases, all-glass showcases, suspended showcases, profile showcases, refrigerated showcases, and counter showcases. You can also find out about various do-it-yourself showcases that you can expand individually. Get to know our offers and decide on your favorite. You can rely on our expertise and years of experience when buying display cases or showcases. Events can include museums or fairs, retail or industry, events in the city, municipality or clubs. The options are limitless, so find your perfect showcase here today!
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