DIN Formats - from DIN A00 to 1/3 A4 (DL)

DIN formats are needed in all areas of business to define sizes and dimensions. By standardising them, they are fixed and business partners can save themselves many misunderstandings. Below you will find an overview of the most common DIN sizes.

In addition to the exact size in mm, we also provide you with information on how the individual DIN formats relate to each other. This is very helpful when particularly large or small DIN formats are needed, for example, for different production areas in the field of printing and paper.
1189 x 1682 mm
0,5 x included in DIN A0
841 x 1189 mm
1 x included in DIN A0
594 x 841 mm
2 x included in DIN A0
420 x 594 mm
4 x included in DIN A0
297 x 420 mm
8 x included in DIN A0
210 x 297 mm
16 x included in DIN A0 
148 x 210 mm
32 x included in DIN A0
105 x 148 mm
64 x included in DIN A0 
74 x 105 mm 
128 x included in DIN A0
52 x 74 mm
256 x included in DIN A0 
37 x 52 mm
512 x included in DIN A0
26 x 37 mm
1024 x included in DIN A0
1/3 A4 (DL)
105 x 210 mm
DIN formats at a glance from DIN A0 to DIN A10

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Are DIN formats valid internationally?

The formats with standardisation facilitate both the exchange of documents such as technical drawings and communication. In Germany, the German Institute for Standardisation, which writes DIN standards, is responsible for standards. In the international context, this would be the International Organization for Standardization. This international organisation publishes ISO standards.

DIN formats are widely used in Germany. Internationally, the ISO 216 standard applies to the standardised size of writing paper or printed matter. Here, too, a distinction is made between A and B series. The international ISO 216 applies in several countries around the world, with the exception of North America and parts of South America.

In Germany, the ISO 216 standard can therefore be compared with the DIN 476 standard. This standard is based on the formats for the DIN A, DIN B and DIN C series. The A series covers trimmed formats, the B series untrimmed formats and the C series applies to mailing envelopes.

What Role Do Formats Play at VKF Renzel?

In our company, DIN A formats play a major role not only in internal and external communication. Thanks to our in-house print shop and the daily exchange of data with customers, it is hard to imagine our company without this standard. But the DIN format is also used as a product feature in our range.

Our online assortment offers you various products for the implementation of sales promotion measures in your company. In the field of marketing, sales promotion is part of the communication policy.

Posters, billboards or advertising inserts are often used for sales promotion. On the one hand, these need to be displayed in the best possible and most appealing way, and on the other hand, they need to be protected from dirt. Different frames and covers from our product range help to combine these requirements.

Both outdoors and indoors, the displays can be used flexibly and in a variety of ways at the POS (Point of Sale). Depending on the article, the displays, frames or pockets are suitable for larger or smaller DIN formats.

Display stands, such as A-Boards, usually hold posters in the popular DIN A1 format. Click frames are mostly used to display information inserts in A4 format in an attractive way. Self adhesive pockets are even available in sizes up to DIN A7. Discover the different products from our range for your DIN format inserts.

The various articles can be used in the long term with ever-changing inserts. Thanks to the DIN standard, creating new content and notices in the right size is easy. The exchange is then quickly done. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the products.

Displays for Media in DIN Formats:

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