First in, First Out (FIFO)

FIFO, or First In, First Out, is a popular method of inventory management and stock rotation used in various industries, including retail. It follows the principle that older items should be sold or used before newer ones to reduce waste and maximize profitability.

In retail, FIFO works by placing new inventory behind existing stock so that older items are positioned at the front. When fulfilling orders or restocking shelves, employees select the oldest items from the front of the inventory to ensure products with closest expiration dates are sold first.

Minimizes Product Expiration

Inventory Accuracy

Reduces Waste

Improves Profitability

Advantages of FIFO

  • reduces waste
  • inventory accuracy
  • customer satisfaction

The benefits of using FIFO in retail include minimizing product expiration and promoting accurate inventory management. It also helps reduce waste and shrinkage while improving profitability and customer satisfaction by providing fresh and high-quality products.

Overall, implementing FIFO can help retailers manage their inventory effectively while optimizing product turnover and minimizing potential losses associated with outdated or spoiled items.

To maintain the right sales sequesnce, the easyFill Turnloader Ambient, Bulky Goods, and Pusher Systems are innovative shelving systems used to keep your goods fresh. 

easyfill TurnLoader Ambient

Easyfill TurnLoader Ambient

The easyfill shelving system is an innovative solution for shop fittings that allows for a 180-degree rotation of the shelves using a lever. This feature enables goods to be loaded from the back, resulting in several benefits such as reduced costs, improved turnover and environmental sustainability.

The system also ensures that the FIFO principle is consistently applied, reducing markdowns on expired products and disposal costs. The rotating principle simplifies shelf maintenance and eliminates the need to constantly pull forward goods to reduce stock gaps.

The inclined position of the shelves ensures that products slide automatically to the front, increasing merchandise density and sales potential with more shelves available.
Moreover, by filling from the back of each shelf, products with shorter best-before dates are moved forward automatically so customers can purchase them first.

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Gravity Bins for Bulky Goods

Food requires special hygienic handling and storage. Bulk food dispensers and gravity bins can help to store and present the goods hygienically. For this reason, the practical containers are used in various areas.

They help to avoid repackaging and waste in retail without having to forego an appealing presentation. In this way, customers or staff can directly take out the various items, such as coffee beans, rice, condiments, spices, dry goods, nuts, grain, flour, sugar, snacks, candy or oatmeal.

The gravity bins help facilitate first in first out by first dispensing the older product and the newer items being restocked from the top. This also saves time as it eliminates the need for manual sorting and rotation as well as reduces the risk of expired items being sold to customers. 

Our gravity bin bulk food dispensers can be presented on the wall or counter and utilise a comfortable handle to move the lever up and down in order to release the food. You can use the lever system to easily dispense all food, should you want to clean the dispensers between uses.

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Bulk Food Dispenser
Product Pusher System

Product Pusher and Feeding Systems

Indispensable shelf edge rails, customisable advertising panels and shelf dividers create the framework for a successful shelf design. Here we offer gravity tracks and pusher systems. The gravity tracks contain smooth-running rollers are arranged in such a way that the products slide to the end of the shelf with the help of gravity alone. This allows a customer to take a product from the front and the products behind it will all roll to the front. The pusher systems use the same concept, except with a pusher instead of rollers. 

Both product feeding systems help maintain first in first out by allowing the older products to be taken from the front and making space in the back of the shelf to be easily refilled with new product. Because the older products are immediately pushed to the front as a product is removed, means less work for employees. They staff can now save time and focus on other important tasks.

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