Platform trolleys with anti-slip coating are also suitable for transporting heavy loads. Discover our warehouse trolleys in accordance with the EN 1757-3 standard for platform trolley safety. Order online now with 250 kg or 600 kg load capacity!
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high level of security

Platform trolley according to European standard EN 1757

high mobility

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suitable for heavy loads

platform trolleys with load capacities up to 600 kg

Platform Trolleys with Non-Slip Surface

When it comes to transport, and thus also to transport trolleys, safety is paramount. Here it is important to avoid accidents as much as possible. First and foremost, the non-slip surface is crucial. It prevents the goods from "getting out of hand" during transport.

This is especially important for heavy or fragile goods. Of course, you want to avoid the goods breaking apart and possible injuries or damage caused by the heavy goods. Our magazine trolleys with 2 swivel castors and 2 fixed castors help with this.

It is also crucial for safety that the castors can be securely locked. They have to keep the trolley in position even with heavy loads. The easy-to-operate foot brakes make handling easier for your staff. When using the trolleys on paths with inclines, we recommend additional blocks to relieve the brakes of the platform trolley.

DIN EN 1757-3 Safety of Platform Trolleys

Platform trolleys and other industrial transport vehicles are manufactured in accordance with the standard. The specified requirements for such a trolley ensure safety in handling. Among other things, the trolleys must be equipped with swivel castors and brakes. Other specifications are also decisive for the trolleys.

In addition to the parking brake, stability, edge protection and push or pull handles are also standardised. These are just some of the designs that are set with the European standard.

Transport Aids with TPE Tyres

Platform trolleys serve as transport aids in many areas. They help to move goods of different types from one place to another. This makes it easier for your staff to move goods through the warehouse, workshop or production. The goods or packages are simply placed on the non-slip surface.

They can then be pushed or pulled across the company. The individual trolleys are equipped with swivel and fixed castors with TPE tyres. The material of such tyres is a swivel castor with thermoplastic elastomer. This ensures comfortable handling to the respective destination. In addition, the cushioning provided by the tyres protects the goods being transported.

You have the choice between different versions of trolleys with the appropriate tyres. Do you need a trolley with several shelves? Are you looking for an order picking trolley? Or do you need a folding trolley for temporary use?

Robust Steel Trolleys

Heavy loads are often transported in the warehouse or workshop. Here it is crucial that these can also be transported well and safely. The safety of platform trolleys is ensured by European standard 1757-3. As described above, the parking brake and stability are integrated into the production process.

In addition, the load capacity of the individual trolleys naturally also plays a role. So you know exactly up to which limit you may load the trolleys - or which trolley is suitable for you at all. The powder-coated tubular steel constructions are available with different load capacities.

The steel construction is equipped with a textured coated board made of waterproof plywood. In total, you get the platform trolleys from 250 kg up to 600 kg load capacity. You can expect the trolleys with two shelves or the parcel trolley to carry more load accordingly. Choose the right steel trolley with the appropriate load capacity you need.
Platform trolley with non-slip surface

C+C Trolley for Storage Space Savings

Cash and Carry trolleys also offer a non-slip screen-printed surface and 2 swivel and fixed castors. Thanks to the tyres, they are also manoeuvrable and easy to drive. The C+C trolleys differ in that they can be pushed into each other. The individual trolleys can be pushed so close together that they save 75% storage space.

With the help of the push handle, the frontmost trolley can be easily removed from the row. Thanks to the space-saving storage, offering trolleys in the warehouse becomes even more attractive. They provide your employees with high-quality tools that can be helpful for all transports. And once the trolleys are not in use, they can be stowed away to save space.
At peak times or when the workload is particularly high, several trolleys are often needed at once. This is because goods may be deposited on the trolleys or there may be several operations at the same time. To ensure that each activity can be carried out undisturbed and efficiently, it is important to provide the right amount of trolleys.

When not in use, the platform trolleys do not take up valuable storage space, but can be parked in an extremely compact manner. This is made possible by the foldable non-slip plywood. Discover the C+C trolleys as aids in the warehouse or as transport trolleys for customers' purchases. These trolleys can be loaded with 400 to 500 kg.

Megazine Trolleys with Several Shelves

A magazine is usually understood to mean a warehouse, which is often used for tool storage. Here, too, the transport trolleys naturally play a role. With the help of the trolleys, the tools for the next working day can be conveniently brought from the magazine to the van. Here, the tools are unloaded from the trolley with locks on the castors and loaded into the vehicle.

The classic transport trolley offers space for cordless screwdrivers, welding machines and more. But depending on the quantity of goods to be transported, table trolleys are also an option. Thanks to the additional storage space, even more tools or materials can be transported in one go. The two non-slip plywood shelves again ensure safe transport.

With the help of the popular magazine trolleys, loading or unloading the company vehicles is clearly more convenient. Collect the machines on the trolley and then bring them back to the magazine together. Equip your team with the appropriate material to make these work processes faster and more efficient. Discover a magazine trolley with one or more shelves.

Modular System Parcel Trolleys

Especially in times of online trade, massive amounts of parcels are transported in the warehouse or goods receipt. This can be the case in all areas of order picking. Here, large parcel trolleys with wire mesh make transport from A to B easier. Different sized parcels can be transported and temporarily stored on the sturdy trolleys.

In this way, the delivery of goods can be taken directly to the corresponding warehouse or sales floor. This is where the individual parcels are unpacked. The modular system of the parcel trolleys allows you to adapt the trolley specifically to your work. Hang wire baskets or shelves in the grid to always have tools at hand.

Depending on your needs, the trays can hold letters, hand dispensers or safety knives. One open side of the wire shelf makes it easy to unload the parcels. The other three closed sides prevent parcels from falling down during transport. A handle on the side allows the parcel trolley to be pulled or pushed.
Plattformwagen mit Paketen bestückt und mit Drahtgitter
Choose a parcel trolley with a load capacity of 600 kg. Here too, the tyres ensure the mobility and manoeuvrability of the trolley even with heavy loads. Depending on your needs, choose trolleys with a useful area of 1000 x 600 mm up to 1200 x 800 mm. Ensure compact transport of deliveries on a platform trolley.

Areas of Application for Transport Trolleys

Transport trolleys are used in various areas. They make transporting heavy goods, in particular, much easier. Your staff and, depending on how they are used, your customers benefit from this. The classic platform trolleys are also suitable as shopping trolleys in DIY or garden centres.

With these robust trolleys, you enable customers to transport much heavier goods. This would not be possible with a conventional shopping trolley. The larger wheels with TPE tyres also make it easier to push the trolley on uneven surfaces.

Your staff will benefit from the trolleys due to the comfortable transport of goods. Of course, the trolleys have to be loaded and unloaded. But most of the physical work and carrying of goods is avoided with the platform trolley. In addition, pushing or pulling the trolley is particularly pleasant thanks to the swivel castors with deep-groove ball bearings.

A folding platform trolley can also help you save storage space when storing the trolleys. The trolleys with all-round impact protection can simply be folded and then stored one on top of the other or side by side. This saves storage space and enables compact transport of the trolleys. These can then be used as mobile units at trade fairs or for maintenance work.

Robust Platform Trolleys with Appropriate Load Capacity

Platform trolleys help employees, customers and staff in various areas to transport heavy goods. By selecting the trolley with the appropriate load capacity, the trolleys can be used in a variety of ways in the company. Use the trolley to make transports and work processes easier and faster.

The safety of the platform trolley is ensured by the fact that it is manufactured in accordance with European standards. The anti-slip coating and brakes on the swivel castors ensure the safety of goods and users. At the same time, swivel and fixed castors ensure that the trolleys are easy to move, even when loaded with heavy loads.

The platform trolleys are safe, mobile and flexible to use. All this makes them so attractive for your particular area of application. Discover the powder-coated steel trolleys now for your company or renew the existing trolleys with new high-quality load carriers.

We will be happy to assist you in choosing the appropriate means of transport for your business. Choose our magazine trolleys, parcel trolleys, C+C trolleys or table trolleys. Use the stackable C+C trolleys for transporting customer merchandise. Rely on the freely designable parcel trolley to accept new deliveries of goods in the branch and move them to the right department.

Magazine trolleys help you distribute tools and machines to the appropriate construction sites. Or choose our table trolleys with two shelves with anti-slip coating. Discover the right model for your business online now or simply call us for professional advice.
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