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Industrial Air Purifiers for Your Business

Air purifiers ensure clean air not only in the home, but also in the commercial sector. The filter removes bacteria, viruses, pollen, allergens and other particles from the air. Improve the air quality in your business by using air purifiers with a Hepa filter. Discover the right model for your room size now!


Our best mobile air purifiers with HEPA H14 air filter
PLR Mini Air Purifier


up to 110 m²

1,220.00 €/pc*

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PLR-Silent Air Purifier


up to 150 m²

2,650.00 €/pc

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Available in:


PLR-Silent+ Air Purifier


up to 250 m²

3,100.00 €/pc*

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PLR-Max Air Purifier


up to 800 m²

6,900.00 €/pc*

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PLR Silent Pro Air Purifier


up to 480 m²

WHIRTING LINE with a sound level of 40 dB at an air flow rate of 900 m³/h

5,360.00 €/pc*


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Air Purification in Commerce and Industry

Are you wondering why you should use an air purifier in a commercial or industrial environment? The various devices remove pollen, dust, unpleasant odours and many other air particles from the room air. They draw in the room air and expel the filtered air through the top.

The room air is ideally circulated several times an hour in order to ensure high air quality at all times. Among other things, bacteria and viruses are filtered out of the air, which may be transmitted to other people via aerosols. You can reduce the risk of infection in your company with an air purifier.

Especially in closed rooms, bacteria or diseases can be transmitted quickly. With a filtration efficiency of over 99 %, the cleaners effectively remove a wide range of particles from the air. In addition to reducing the risk of infection, you can benefit from many other opportunities as a business.

Depending on the industry, unpleasant odours, dust particles and other pollutants are produced in the industrial sector. An air purifier sustainably ensures better air in the respective work area. You can make a lasting contribution to the health of your employees by ensuring effective air purification in the workplace.

All in all, there are many different advantages of an air purifier that you can utilise in your business in the long term. Benefit from a better sense of well-being in the workplace, lower air pollution and noticeably better air quality.

How Does the Air Purifier with Hepa Filter Work?

After the air purifier has taken in the room air via suction, the air is filtered in several stages. The Hepa H14 filter is crucial for air purification. This filters particles down to a minimum size of 0.3 - 0.1 micrometres from the air. The filter consists of various sub-filters, each of which filters certain particles out of the air.

Coarse-grained air particles such as dust or organic compounds remain on an ionisation filter. An activated carbon filter removes gases and odours from the air. These and other filters ensure that the air purifier cleans the air effectively. The self-sterilising effect of the Hepa filter protects the filters and prevents deposits.

The high effectiveness of our air purifiers has even been tested and confirmed by various institutes. We will be happy to provide you with more information on the individual results on request.

Where is a Room Air Purifier / Mobile Air Filter Used?

Thanks to their simple design and low weight, the room air purifiers can be used in a variety of locations. Despite its high cleaning performance, the device remains imperceptibly quiet. Guarantee clean air in your day-to-day operations, allowing you and your employees to breathe freshly at all times.

The various models are used in the private and commercial sectors. In private households, air purifiers help allergy sufferers in particular to reduce the extent of an allergy.

In the commercial sector, room air purifiers with Hepa filters can be found in various areas. Especially in offices, the purifiers have a positive effect on the working environment. Stuffy and stale air is replaced by purified and fresh air. This increases the well-being of your employees and therefore also their satisfaction and productivity.

In addition to their use in offices, mobile air filters are also popular in warehouses and production facilities. Especially when pollutants or a lot of dust particles are produced, a remedy can be found. The air you breathe is cleaned again in a very short time and your staff will find themselves in pleasant working conditions.

Where don't you want clean and fresh air? In many different areas and places, people often want a little fresh air. Our air purifiers fulfil exactly this wish at their desired location. Please note the recommendation for the room size.

Range of Applications

✓ Aerosols
✓ Viruses 
✓ Bacteria
✓ Particulate matter
✓ Allergens (mould spores, pet dander, dust mites, pollen, dust, etc.)
✓ Unpleasant odours

Air Purifier for Small, Medium and Large Rooms

Just as there are various models, they are also suitable for different room sizes. There are models that are designed for smaller rooms or items that fully refresh large rooms. The reason for these differences is the different size of the purifiers. Its dimensions are matched to the size of the room in order to achieve optimum results.

Ideally, the air should be filtered two or three times per hour. By calculating the air volume in the area to be cleaned, this can be compared with the cleaning performance. For a clear comparison, we recommend using the filters in our online shop.

For optimum results in terms of air quality and well-being, the cleaning performance of air purifiers with Hepa filters must be taken into account. Depending on the size of the room, a strong or not so strong performance is required. The various models in our range are suitable for rooms of different sizes. You will find models for small, medium-sized and larger rooms.

The number of cubic metres cleaned per hour varies. This is reflected in their suitability for a room size and the power consumption. Power consumption remains low thanks to an in-built night mode or energy-saving mode. The performance of each mobile room air purifier can be controlled manually.

Some devices can be operated via an app or in automatic mode. The app enables mobile and customised control of the device. In automatic mode, the filter performance adapts to the measured particle count.

In this way, filtering is completely automatic. While you go about your normal everyday life, the room air filter itself determines how strongly it needs to filter the air. In combination with an air sensor, the quality of the air can be checked at various points.

Plug & Play

Simple commissioning after purchase

Mobile in Use

Air purifier available with castors

Quiet in Operation

Pleasant sound level

Filters Viruses

Reduction of the risk of infection

Found the Right Air Purifier for Your Business?

Air purifiers with Hepa filters not only improve the quality of indoor air. They also ensure an increased sense of well-being and contribute to health. Provide individual work areas or workstations with an air purifier to contribute to the health of your employees.

The use of air purifiers with Hepa filters ensures better air quality in closed rooms. The devices can be placed anywhere in the room. In automatic mode, they remove bacteria, viruses, dust, pollen, unpleasant odours and more from the room air fully automatically.

Choose our air purifiers with Hepa filters to reduce the risk of infection in your business. Benefit from a high air exchange rate and the modern touch display of our products. The plug-and-play function enables simple commissioning without the need for specialised personnel. Order now and establish effective air purification in the long term!

Do you have questions about the cleaning performance of an item? Are you not yet aware of how you can use a device in your business? Or would you like to find out more about the various products?

We look forward to your questions, requests or suggestions. Please feel free to contact us.

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