Take advantage of our extensive selection of mounting rails, holders, and shelf edge profiles designed for use with Pricer SmartTAG ESL. We offer the profiles displayed below as well as many other models, all available in any quantity you require. If you need to mount Pricer SmartTAGs in another location within your store, our range of mounting accessories can be used in conjunction with the Pricer dovetail adapter.
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Easy mounting of Pricer SmartTAG ESL

If you decide to use Pricer SmartTAG electronic price labels in your shop, you may wonder how to attach them to the shelves. Here, extruded shelf rails and profiles offer a suitable solution. It is now possible to use the profiles that were previously used for paper price labels also for Pricer SmartTAGs. Each profile has a special support that is either clamped onto or attached with adhesive tape to the respective shelf. Due to the recesses on the underside of the shelf edge profile, the ESL remains firmly mounted in the Pricer rail and maintains its position.
The Pricer SmartTAG shelf profiles listed above are usually available in stock and can be cut to your desired length. The ESL rails can be manufactured up to 3 metres in length and small quantities are also possible if required. If you need large quantities, it is advisable to produce the profiles directly to the required length. This saves you additional storage and cutting costs. As standard, the ESL profiles with tape are equipped with adhesive foam tape for gluing, which ensures a secure hold on the shelf and can easily bear the weight of the ESL rail and the attached ESL.

Depending on the volume Pricer SmartTAG rails can also be manufactured in RAL colours.

Customisation of Pricer Rails

Do you require a Pricer rail that is not displayed in the options above? Don't worry, we have the ability to tailor-make profiles for Pricer ESL using our vast range of standard shelf edge strips. We can merge a backing component from these holders with a Universal rail that has adhesive properties. This alternative is ideal if you do not require a large quantity.

Alternatively, it could be beneficial to consider a new extrusion mold for bigger projects. We are pleased to create a tool for a brand-new Pricer SmartTAG rail. Our extensive experience allows us to devise the appropriate profiles that suits your requirements.
ESL Profile for Pricer SmartTAG for coffee
Once designed we would supply you with a prototype that you can use to make first tests. When approved by you our in-house tool shop will proceed finishing the new Hanshow mould and production will extrude it according to your project numbers. You have a project to talk about? Do not hesitate and get in touch.
Pegboard adapter for Hanshow ESL

Pegboard Adapter for Hanshow ESL

Each retail store is equipped with many shelving units to present the merchandise to its customers. Mostly these gondola shelves have a pegboard back wall which comes in handy if you want to display blister packages with Euro hole on pegboard hooks. You simply remove the shelf units and install hooks that usually come with a holder for price labels.

When using paper inserts you can use our swinging price tag DRA but we also came up with a solution for Hanshow ESL. The pegboard adapter for Hanshow labels is simply hooked over the T-shaped bracket of the pegwall hook. The viewing angle can be adjusted in several steps depending on whether the hook is installed in eye height or in a much lower position.

Displaying Hanshow ESL in other Store Areas

All in all displaying Hanshow ESL at gondola shelving is quite easy. You either choose Hanshow rails for the shelf edge or the pegboard holder for the use with metal hooks. But what about other areas that do not use typical shelving? How do you display Hanshow labels on poster rails or in the fruit & vegetable section? And what about the deli section with either hot food or fresh seafood on ice?
We have different kinds of solutions for these questions. On the one hand we can provide you with custom made fixings made of shatterproof PET-G. We design tabletop, wall or hanging signage according to the Hanshow label size you have in use. We can either plan the PET-G display so that you simply slide in the ESL or with a click mechanism. First we cut out the desired sheet and afterwards bend the material to the final shape.

Just give us an idea what you plan to accomplish and we will come up with the right solution to mount your Hanshow ESL with the help of PET-G signs.
PET-G tabletop display with ESL
On the other hand we offer you a solution with our Hanshow dovetail adapter that can be used in conjunction with a variety of stands, clips and holders. The Hanshow ESL can easily be clicked onto the dovetail adapter and can now be used freestanding with a base in deli sections, on products or counters, with different kinds of clamps on fruit & vegetable crates, tubing or panels, on metal surfaces with the help of a magnetic clips, in ice or soft materials with our variety of spears, hanging from wire baskets or cable and last but not least on glass panels, wooden boards and further shelving units. We have holders for almost every application in retail stores.

Female Part

Hanshow Dovetail Adapter


Male Part

of Hanshow Adapter System

With our many attachments for the dovetail adapter you can mount and display Hanshow ESL throughout your store. Installation of the adapter system is easy with a female part on the back of the dovetail adapter and male parts on all display attachments and holders. In case you do not find a suitable mounting option for your Hanshow label or if you are not sure which one to use please get in touch with our team. We will be happy to assist you. 
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