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The point of sale (POS), also known as the point of purchase (POP), plays a key role in marketing. At the point of sale, the customer decides whether to buy or not. The place can be a supermarket shelf, an exhibition, an event or the salesroom of a store.

Points of sale are different from industry to industry. The goal is to attract the customer's attention to your store or product and motivate them to buy.

To attract the customer's attention, VKF Renzel offers more than 25,000 products for sales promotion.

POS Materials for Sales Promotion

POS - The Salesroom

POS marketing involves sales promotion measures that are carried out directly at the point of sale, where the customer comes into contact with the goods and a purchase decision is made. Since most purchasing decisions are made at the point of sale, POS marketing plays a very important role in sales promotion.

A typical and widespread example of POS marketing is the playing of advertising or product videos. For this purpose, screens are placed in the immediate area of the product and sales-promoting video films are played, in which the customer is informed about features, advantages and application examples.

Other important advertising media are posters, displays, stand-up displays or ceiling hangers, which are intended to draw attention visually to the presence and advantages of the product. In addition, the design of the entire sales area is also a significant influencing factor for successful POS marketing. In addition to the visual design, price labeling, wayfinding and secondary placements are important, for example. The latter can also lead to more spontaneous purchases for certain products (e.g. Me-too products).

Your Possibilities at the Point of Sale

The presentation of the product at the point of purchase carries the role of decision making for the customer. This is where the customer decides whether to buy or not. And of course, the product presentation plays a significant role in this decision.

Whether the buyer wants to or not, the decision to buy a product is usually not made rationally. Instead, it is determined by various decision variables and is usually driven by feelings.
This is where the various POS materials come into action. Their task is to present the article in an appealing and effective way.

Raise Targeted Interest

POS displays have an indirect effect on your sales - And this is how it works!

The product is in the middle of many other products at the point of sale. The first task of the product presentation is now to make the product stand out from the crowd. Then the product should catch the customer's attention. Depending on the marketing strategy, the product presentation should appeal to a certain customer group, such as mothers in the case of the product baby food, or to the masses.
Lastly, the product optimally generates the desire for the product in the customer. This guarantees that the product will be grabbed and purchased.

Promotional Marketing Materials

Ideally, there should be an interplay between product, product packaging and product presentation. The presentation medium should pick up the design and the character features of product and packaging in the best possible way.

Here it is important that the product is in the focus at all times and that the display, shelf or wherever the product is placed has a decent appearance. For this reason, we work a lot with transparent or discreet material in the production.
This way, the spotlight is simply centered on the product.

For the various products and the different placement options, the range provides the most suitable solutions in each case.

POS - The Salesroom

The design of the sales room is about a unique presentation. You have a lot of choices in which direction of the design it should go. Here you can see many possibilities to raise your product presentation to a new level.

POS - The Shelf System

When displaying goods on the sales floor, there is usually a lot of space and the space must be used attractively. Shelf placement, on the other hand, is more about standing out in a limited space. But the items in our range are also up to this challenge.

Customized POS Material From Manufacturer

As a manufacturer of point of sale materials, we can customize almost any product or produce POS displays to your specifications. With more than 30 years of experience and 26 international locations, we are your reliable partner for the point of sale.

Let the online store assortment inspire you!
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