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Beach flags arouse interest from afar, defy wind & weather and are therefore popular outdoor advertising media.
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Various Beach Flags as Advertising Media for Indoors and Outdoors

Especially in outdoor areas, beach flags are very popular advertising media. Due to their size and shape, they quickly attract the attention of visitors. The convex flags are visible from far away. This is why they are often used as eye-catchers at trade fairs, events, shopping centres and pedestrian zones.

The dynamically shaped beach flags usually score with their streamlined design. Printed with the appropriate design, logo or slogan of the company, they are among the most attractive elements of outdoor advertising. Whether in a teardrop-shaped design or rectangular and straight. Beach flags are the ideal platform for your message.

Not only on the beach do beach flags attract widespread attention. As versatile event flags, they have become real classics in the field of indoor and outdoor advertising media. In front of every shop, restaurant or as an attractive companion at events, beach flags are streamlined eye-catchers.

Due to the quick and easy set-up, printable beach flags are often found at trade fairs, conferences and events. The printed advertising media are used at outdoor and indoor events. Thanks to their size and attractive printing, they attract the attention of the masses.
Various base plates and accessories round off the range of beach flags. The use of bags that can be filled with water and sand ensures the stability of the outdoor displays. In addition, various other bases are available to optimally align the display to the area of use.

Pallet bases, a ground spike or edging tape help to assemble the models. At the same time, the stability of the display is supported. You can choose from various shapes and versions of a stand. Adapt the storm-proof advertising ambassadors optimally to your circumstances.
Water and sand fillable base for beach flags

Inexpensive Beach Flags in various Designs

Outdoors, the beach flags attract attention as very weather-resistant advertising canvas. The high-performance and resistant polyester fabric makes the solid beach flags sturdy companions. An attractive print makes the presence of the beach flags perfect.

Before you have the beach flag printed, one of the various shapes must be selected. In our online shop, you don't just get the stands in different designs. In addition to the base mount, you also have to decide on a height as well as shape and version.

As already described above, there is a choice of different designs for the base supports. Round and square bases as well as special ones are available online. Cross bases and pallet bases secure the stand of your beach flag. A fillable water bag provides additional weight.

The frame is placed on the base. This is available in different overall heights of up to 5 m. The high versions are recommended for large areas. The high versions are recommended for large areas to reveal your company, your structure or your location. This gives passers-by a quick overview of where you are exhibiting.

Smaller versions are not only used outdoors, but also indoors. In front of entrances, in malls or near products you can use as advertising or discount labelling. With "SALE" or percentage signs printed on them, offers are clearly visible.
Beach flag in widespread drop shape
Beach flag in the shape of a shark fin

Available printed on one or both Sides

The different shapes of beach flags are available in a wide range of heights. In the shape of a shark fin or a drop, you get specimens from 2.3 m up to 5 m. The flags in the various shapes are made of high-quality polyester. You can have your desired motif printed on them.

Simply send us your print data and we will carry out a professional data check free of charge. This will ensure high-quality printing results. We will be happy to produce suitable print data for you on request.

As standard, the printing is done on one side. Accordingly, the polyester is printed on one side. The print shines through on the other side so that your advertising message is visible on both sides. Please note that the print is mirror-inverted on the non-printed side.

For legibility of both sides, printing on both sides is recommended. Here, a barrier layer is sewn into the polyester. This prevents motifs from shining through. By printing on both sides, your advertising message is appealing, present and effective all around.

A rotating element in the frame ensures that your motifs are always in a new position. As soon as a fresh breeze blows on the beach flag, it adjusts and the flag is clearly visible all around. It constantly realigns itself with the wind. Turn passers-by from all directions into interested parties with the gentle wind rotators.

Finally, there is a choice of different versions. On the one hand, you can get the frames without print from us. On the other hand, of course, with a unique digital print. The equipment is completed by a carrying bag, which is available as an additional version.


Stormproof Flags for Every Need

Choose the model, shape, size and ground mount that best suits your application. Our products offer a range of options to take your outdoor advertising to the next level. The weatherproof eye-catchers ensure you attract the attention of passers-by from afar.

Discover the many possibilities that beach flags offer in your sales promotion. Offers are clearly recognisable through the advertising. At trade fairs, events or festivals, your company is visible from afar. In pedestrian zones and shopping centres, you can effectively draw attention to your business with these mobile displays.

Use the beach flags in a variety of ways. Thanks to new digitally printed flags, the advertising can always be quickly adapted and the stand can be used for a long time. As an integral part of your sales promotion, the weatherproof outdoor displays should not be missing. Look forward to a stable, mobile eye-catcher.
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