Are you looking for effective barrier technology, barriers and crowd control systems for your business premises, events and functions? Then you will find everything you need to know about cord barriers, retractable belt posts and chain systems for indoor and outdoor use. The various systems are used to separate certain areas or to manage customer traffic.
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Crowd control and Barrier Technology

A sensibly placed barrier can ensure order and safety. The various barrier systems can be placed flexibly and used spontaneously. Adapt your precautions to the corresponding situation. In our online shop you will find various solutions for effective and safe barriers. In order to protect private or public areas and rooms from unauthorised access, effective barrier technology of various types is generally used. The barrier systems, which consist of various components, are put together depending on the place of use. However, the systems are not only used for closing off areas.

They are also used as crowd controls in waiting areas and danger zones. As the name suggests, the systems guide people in different institutions or situations. When there is a large number of people, it is important to guide them and support the formation of a queue. On the one hand, this can be before events and at trade fairs. On the other hand, the systems can also be used for customer management.

In checkout areas or also classically at the airport, waiting people are guided in a targeted manner. This not only serves order and structure, but also the efficiency of the staff. With barrier stands and cord systems, business owners make the work easier for their employees. Employees can continue to focus on customers and general work operations.

What do you want to use crowd control for? Do you mainly want to track queues and crowds? Are you looking for a system to demarcate certain areas outdoors? Or do you want a high-quality barrier with a classy design?

The various barrier systems can be classified into sub-categories according to various characteristics. The products in each of these categories have various advantages and a certain handling. We would like to briefly introduce these to you below.

Cord Systems

In the tourism, gastronomy and hotel sector, cord systems are predominantly used. These high-quality, elegant crowd control systems consist of barrier stands in different versions. You can choose between several designs. The design of each cord system is supported by the material.

The posts of the cord systems are available in different materials. Among the materials you can find stainless steel, aluminium or also metal. Most posts feature a high-gloss look in combination with a velvet cord. Here, too, you can choose between different materials. There are different coloured barrier cords made of velvet, polypropylene or hemp.

Cords are available separately and in different sizes. They are hung with a hook and wall fixings are also possible. With a wall bracket, the hook of the cord can be hooked onto the wall. Here, wall brackets can be combined with each other or also with barrier stands.
Use noble cord stands as a people guidance system
Use barrier stands with belt as a people guidance system

Belt Tape Systems

The belt tape systems consist of stands in different colours with integrated, self-tensioning barrier belt. The barrier stands have an extendable tape. This means that the different stands and straps can be connected to each other as required. Areas can be separated quickly and effectively or crowds of people can be cordoned off.

The strap is inserted by means of a click system and retracts automatically after use. The barrier stands are suitable for combination with other units. In addition, the belts can be supplemented with wall clips or wall retractors. This flexibility of barrier stands with a pull cord makes it possible to react to short-term changes and circumstances.

Waiting customers and visitors are discreetly guided, while at the same time crowds of people in waiting areas are avoided. The barrier posts are also used to close off areas for short periods of time. This is why the articles are used as crowd barrier in airports, hospitals or at cash desks.

Are you looking for classic Tensator® barriers? You will find various stands of this brand in our range. Tensator® barrier posts are high-quality barrier stands with belt, which stand for safety and innovation. Among the articles you will also find Tensators with a fillable stand base. This ensures extra stability in use and light weight once the base has been emptied again.

Chain Barrier Systems

Chain barrier systems consist of barrier posts and chains. These systems are suitable for permanent use indoors and outdoors. The posts are made of polypropylene (PP) and are therefore weatherproof. The chains and posts are made of the same material. They are often used as barriers in car parks and for guiding and securing.

The barrier systems with chains are popular because of their quick assembly and eye-catching signal colour. The chain posts are available in the classic colours red and white, but also in other colours. This makes the posts eye-catching from afar and ensures an effective barrier.

Another advantage of the chain barrier systems is that they can be divided into their individual parts. This means that the posts, feet and chains can be stored separately. Alternatively, they can be relocated in an ideal and space-saving way. At the next site of use, the posts can be placed back on the feet. Then the chain is hooked in and the chain system is ready to use again.
Use robust chain stands as a people guidance system
Using silver crowd control barriers

Barrier Fence

Barrier grids are an attractive alternative to chain systems or barrier stands for outdoor use. The fences are even more robust and stable and can also be used as advertising space. Banners can easily be hung in the grids or banner frames. This makes the effective barrier an ideal advertising medium in no time at all.

Even longer distances or larger areas can be ideally enclosed or cordoned off with the fences. This is because this barrier system is suitable for being linked together. Similar to the barrier posts with tape, individual posts or elements can be combined with each other.

In this way, a uniform barrier can be created that also extends over a longer distance. For this purpose, the grids are either hooked into each other or inserted into a stand. This also fulfils the aspect of easy fastening and installation.

Found a suitable Barrier?

As you can see, the different types of barriers have various advantages. Now you need to find the right article for your area of application. We are happy to help you find the right crowd control system for your company with our advice.
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