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In our online shop range you will find various stands from Tensator®. You can choose between different belt colours and different materials for the feet. Choose the right item for your business.

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Tensator® Barrier Stands: Innovative, Functional and Safe

The Tensator® brand stands for innovation, functionality, safety and quality. The popular barrier stands and barriers are used all over the world. As mobile barriers, they are used in many different areas, can be moved quickly and thus ensure safety and order.

Order and security are an important part of everyday life in many different sectors of the economy. Airports, clothing shops and public facilities are some of the places where these items are used. In these places, they are used to keep track of queues, to demarcate different zones or to secure certain areas.

Use of Barrier Stands

Barrier posts are simple articles, but they bring a high added value. Various goals can be achieved with them. Simply tightening the straps can define areas and structure flows of people.

The Tensators® provide the optimal conditions to realise your objectives. With a height of around one metre, the barrier posts provide the optimum height. The height is completed with a qualitative and durable belt strap to close off or demarcate areas. The posts each have three strap connections. This provides you with countless options for the demarcation of safety zones and the organisation of waiting areas.

You also have several options when selecting the posts. In addition to the simple post colour in black, you can also opt for the shiny chrome version. The selected post colour can be combined with the belt colour of your choice. After choosing the right Tensator®, you can benefit from its many advantages.

Freely movable

Easy and quick to reposition again and again.

High quality

High product quality from base to belt.

Optimised at best

Little effort for more safety and order.

Barriers Made Easy

You will find not only Tensators® in our range of products, but also many other barriers and personnel guidance systems. Besides many functional articles, there are many other systems for indoor and outdoor use as well as matching accessories.

While design and functionality play a major role for indoor use, a high degree of stability must also be ensured for outdoor use. In order to guarantee a firm stand, there are various fillable bases available. These bases can be easily filled with sand or water and ensure that the barrier stands do not move.

With the appropriate accessories, the various systems can be equipped with banners or other fastening options. The various wall holders are particularly practical here. The holders are attached to the wall and straps or cords can be easily hung on them. In this way, the barrier can be easily perfected with the matching accessories.

Wide Range of Use in Different Fields of Application

Due to the high functionality of Tensators®, they are used in the most diverse economic sectors. The following businesses are among the areas of application that benefit from the Tensators®:

Healthcare Facilities

DIY & Hardware Stores

Warehouse and Shipping


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