With the Spottune loudspeaker system, you spread the sound evenly at the location. Control the system centrally via the cloud solution or install zones with special sound. Use the sound system to market your brand and products acoustically as well!
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Omni-directional Speakers for enhanced Sound

Omnidirectional loudspeakers are speakers that emit their sound energy spherically. This means that the sound is evenly distributed throughout the system. This means that customers and visitors perceive the jingles or music in the same way at every location in the room. This ensures that you reach everyone in the same way with your marketing.

Conventional loudspeakers are associated with an output of content at the so-called "sweet spot". The volume and output of the audio content took place in the immediate vicinity of the speaker. This made it difficult and not necessarily possible to distribute and reach people evenly.

With a loudspeaker that emits content evenly, you avoid this problem. You avoid loud, uncomfortable areas near the output. At the same time, you make it possible to extend the advertising areas to the entire room. Due to the high efficiency of Spottune models, you usually need fewer speakers.

It has long been known that a pleasant atmosphere has a positive effect on people's behaviour. This ensures that people stay longer in the shop or on the exhibition stand. At the same time, the acoustic feel-good climate enhances the sense of well-being in lobbies, offices or restaurants.

ideal for HoReCA, retail, shopfitting and more

Plug & Play - simple Set-up

for an improved customer experience

Sound system for your business

You can use the Spottune speaker system for music, advertising or jingles. You are completely free to determine the programme with which you want to fill your room. Use the system to implement a sound system that is independent of the location or dependent on it. The sales-promoting effect can be applied to different areas.

Do you want to ensure longer visiting times or a pleasant atmosphere at the place of use? With the Spottune sound system, trade fair stands and shop fitting can be completed. In addition to lighting, sound systems are of particular importance in hotels, restaurants or shop fitting. At the same time, announcements can be made via a microphone connection.

Sound not only offers the possibility of influencing the room climate positively and sustainably. In addition, acoustic advertising holds great potential for your sales promotion. You have complete freedom in designing the acoustic content. Promote current offers, special brands or use the sound system to pass on important information.

Placement in the shop, office, trade fair or shop fitting

As a loudspeaker system for schools, trade fairs, offices or retail, the system brings many advantages. The 360° coverage angle ensures even sound distribution with a reduced number of speakers. Spottune can be flexibly installed at the respective location via various mounting options.







Speaker System with Plug & Play Function

Complement your lighting system with room-filling sound. Hang Spottune speakers decoratively from the ceiling or opt for a discreet recessed speaker. Each of these mounting options impresses with ease and flexibility. Mount the speakers exactly where you want them and choose the music source of your choice.

Loudspeaker for Ceiling Suspension

With a 5 m cable length and a weight of 1.5 kg, the speaker can also be suspended from high ceilings. Due to its compact and simple appearance, the speaker floats discreetly in the room as a pendulum. From there, it emits the sound evenly and spherically.

Wireless Loudspeaker for Light Rail

You use a light track in your company? The wireless Spottune loudspeakers can be mounted at any position in the 3-phase light track. This means you can easily integrate the sound system into your lighting via power track.

Built-in Loudspeaker

The Spottune speaker is suitable for installation in a cut-out of approx. 155 - 160 mm. When installed in the ceiling, the speaker is hardly noticed due to its simple appearance. The installation depth of the model for ceiling installation is 45 - 100 mm.
After the simple attachment, the system impresses with its easy installation. The wireless speakers can be quickly attached to the desired location. Adaptation and alignment to your facility is also possible. Integrate the labels into your existing shop equipment as well as into proAV and PA systems.

Loudspeaker System with Plug & Play Function

Provide your lighting system with room-filling sound. Hang the Spottune speakers decoratively from the ceiling or opt for a discreet built-in speaker. Each of these mounting options features ease and flexibility. Mount the speakers exactly where you want them and choose the music source of your choice.

The wireless speakers are supplied with content via a radio transmitter. The 1.9 GHz radio connection used for this guarantees a stable and secure sound. The 360° radiation angle distributes the sound evenly in all directions for a special sound experience. In addition, you can supplement the 3D acoustic design with a DSP bass extension.

Cloud-based System for Accurate Control

The Spottune sound system is a modern and high-quality system that can be used in many ways. The speakers are the essential components that provide the unique and balanced sound. With a smaller number of speakers and a lower volume, the system delivers an improved sound.

The various speakers are complemented by a wireless audio system for broadcasting various digital content. The wireless radio connection ensures high-quality sound as well as a stable and reliable connection.

Finally, the system scores with its cloud operation. Set two different zones with different sounds. Analyse the impact of music and sound on your customers' shopping behaviour. Control the content and volume from anywhere.

You can use these and many other functions for sales promotion in your business:

  • Set up special sound zones
  • Manage audio content remotely
  • View current audio and its quality online at any time
  • Analyse the impact on customer behaviour
  • Control content and volume from anywhere
  • Enterprise solution for music, advertising and information
  • API - access to old and current data for each location/branch
  • Open software for optimising acoustics

Decorative System "Spottune" for better Sound

The decorative Spottune system gives you the opportunity to positively influence your room climate and your success. With the wireless audio system, you guarantee a safe playback of audio content on the speakers. These are reproduced in a 360° angle of radiation.

Choose one of the different speakers and ensure a high-quality and balanced sound. Choose the Spottune wireless audio system now for improved sound, more comfort and a more appealing room design!
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