Digital advertising allows you to engage passers-by through moving images, videos or slideshows. Our digital advertising displays combine ease of use with an attractive advertising space. Use the digital signage display indoors or outdoors for your advertising purposes.
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Advantages of Digital Advertising Displays

  • central control of the contents on the display
  • display of additional information as video or image possible
  • possible interaction with customers via touch panels
  • faster exchange of information
  • high level of entertainment through the use of multimedia
We offer you additional individual solutions and a full-service package in programming and agency services.

Digital Indoor and Outdoor Advertising Displays

Digital advertising displays offer the possibility of flexible advertising through various file formats. With the help of the displays, product videos, presentations or slide shows can be easily played. The data can be loaded onto the digital pavement signs via USB stick. In this way, the displays function as digital signage, advertising pillars or shop window displays.

Thanks to their compact design, our digital signage solutions have a large screen diagonal of up to 43 inches. Individual videos and graphics can be created in the respective playback format. Content can be played on the device via storage media such as USB or SD card. A wide range of connectivity options are available to you when playing back the advertising displays.

Furthermore, you can choose whether you want to advertise with digital advertising displays indoors or outdoors.

Digital pavement signs are particularly suitable for outdoor use. With their castors, they are quickly placed outdoors. Placed here, you can reach a wide audience with your digital advertising. In portrait format, your advertising is now presented with optimal legibility.

Digital Advertising Displays: Moving Advertising

The digital signage solutions are attractive advertising spaces. You can advertise here over the entire diagonal of the screens. At the same time, the advertising displays are quick and easy to set up. With high brightness, you can display your advertising media with optimum visibility outdoors or indoors.

Placed at the point of use, products and services can be advertised in a whole new way. You can advertise much more information at the same time and run it on the display. Especially in public facilities or schools, you can draw attention to various information in the entrance area. For example, you can draw attention to the online identity card, events in the city or changed opening hours.

Create entire programmes of advertisements that run over and over again. This way, you can reach a large number of people with one display with different notices. For this, you might have needed several advertising displays before. In addition, the advertising space can be perfectly divided up in terms of time between different departments or campaigns.

For example, in a university, the international office, the student committee or the secretariat can use the mobile advertising displays. As before, all that is needed is the advertisement in the appropriate format. The institution can then decide for itself whether to advertise with pictures or video. Experience has shown that people get on well and quickly with the Android operating system of the displays.

Advertise in the right Format

As described above, a major advantage of digital advertising displays is that you can advertise in different formats. Movement is particularly registered by the human eye. The moving images and the brightness of the columns increase the perception of the advertising content. You benefit from increased attention for your products and services.

Some of the digital signage solutions in our range also have a loudspeaker. By playing sound or music to the images, you address potential buyers even more intensively. Sound, music or conversations support the storytelling of your advertising. This entices customers to stop and take a closer look at your information and content.
With the digital advertising displays, you exhibit various formats with or without sound. Supported file formats include MPEG, MP4, AVI, MOV, JPEG, BMP, MP3 and ACC. Advertise in the format you want on your desired digital advertising display. Draw attention to your content by utilising the various file formats for your advertising purposes.

Equipped with a touch screen, the digital signage displays invite interaction. In this way, potential customers engage intensively with your products and information. Use the potential of digital advertising displays with touch screen for your sales promotion.
Digital advertising display with touchscreen in the sanitary trade

Flexible Advertising with Digital Advertising Displays

The digital advertising displays offer you a high degree of flexibility and can be used exactly as you wish. First of all, depending on the model, they can be used flexibly outdoors or indoors. In addition, as described above, you have a wide choice when selecting the appropriate advertising format. You can advertise with various media and multimedia.

In addition, the digital pavement signs can be set up at any desired location. The displays score with their high-quality and simple design. They are perfect as part of the shop or office equipment. Here they are used either for internal or external communication.

They do not only fit into all furnishings or at the Point of Sale. Because they are equipped with wheels and are lightweight, the digital advertising displays are suitable for mobile use. You can also use the displays to draw attention to your company at trade fairs or events.
Digital advertising displays combined with each other
Place the digital advertising displays centrally in the room, in the office or at the entrance. At the restaurant entrance, they point out current menus or act as a welcome sign. In surgeries or hospitals, for example, the displays serve as digital signage and indicate waiting times.

At the Point of Sale, the displays can provide assembly instructions or explanations via product video on one or both sides. For this purpose, you can either use displays that can be played on both sides or combine two displays with each other. Choose our advertising displays for innovative, multi-layered and sustainable advertising. Discover the potential of digital advertising for your information or campaigns now.
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