With the Duraframe® info frame from Durable, you can present information in a professional frame on all surfaces. Change information and documents quickly using the magnetic closure. Open the frame, insert the document and close the frame. Document exchange has never been so easy!

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Duraframe® - The Frame for Any Sector

Wherever information is displayed and changed, the Duraframe® information frame can be used - the areas of application are limitless:
  • Retail
  • Medical and care sector
  • Production
  • Hotels
  • Gastronomy
  • Fitness studios
  • Travel agencies
  • Banks and insurances

What Characterizes the Duraframe® Frame?

The Duraframe® is a flexible information frame for documents. Thanks to magnetic closure, information can be exchanged quickly and easily. Information is also visible from both sides, for example on doors. The info frame is suitable for indoor use and adheres to all surfaces such as doors, cabinets, glass surfaces and walls - easy removal guaranteed. The frame can be used in portrait or landscape format. Choose from 8 frame colors in sizes ranging from A4 to 70 x 100 cm. Features:
  • anti-reflective foil
  • identical frame color on front and back side
  • 8 frame colors
  • magnetic closure
  • transparent backside

The Different Duraframe® Info Frames:

Duraframe® - Self-Adhesive information frame for all kinds of information, operating instructions, labels, orientation aids and advertising messages.

Duraframe® Note - The self-adhesive information frame for direct labeling​​​​​​​

Duraframe® Sun - The info frame for glass surfaces with direct sunlight​​​​​​​

Duraframe® Magnetic Plus - The magnetically adhesive fold-out info frame

Do you have questions about the Duraframe® info frames? We will gladly advise you

Duraframe® Application Video



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