There are various requirements for the perfect trade fair wall. The various exhibition walls should be quick and easy to erect and transport. Flexibility in the design ensures a constantly changing presentation and attractive exhibition stands. The advertising space offered by the wall also plays a role. With the perfect trade show wall, your stand becomes an eye-catcher for passing trade fair visitors. Use the articles in the online shop for attractive trade fair construction, effective advertising or as an eye-catching information surface.
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For the best Presentation of your Company

An exhibition stand does not only represent a certain product or service. It represents the entire company. For this reason, high-quality self-presentation is crucial at trade fairs & events. Of course, you want to present your company in the best possible way.

There are no limits to your design. In our online shop you will find a wide variety of exhibition walls that can also be printed individually. A wide range of models and variants are waiting to be discovered by you.

In addition to the external appearance, other factors play an important role in the choice of a suitable trade fair wall. As already explained in the first section, the mobility of these walls is crucial. A mobile exhibition wall is easy to set up and can be transported without great effort.

The aim is that even the most unusual trade show wall can be stowed in the boot of a car. A maximum of two people should be needed for assembly. The easy handling saves long set-up days and an enormous amount of time. This gives you more time for other trade fairs or other appointments.

The flexibility of the exhibition wall is also important. Thanks to the mobility of the wall, you remain flexible in your time management. Many options in the design enablers a free design. This freedom can range from printing to different shapes.

A modular system, for example, can be reformed each time it is used. Here, the same system creates new shapes again and again, resulting in varied exhibition stands. It stands for the greatest possible flexibility at low cost.

The main task of an exhibition wall is to promote various objects or services. For this reason, the size of the advertising space as well as its quality becomes a criterion in the selection process. Exhibition walls thus make passers-by stop at your booth.

Is the advertising presented without borders? Can the wall be used as a double-sided or single-sided advertising space? How is the exhibition wall illuminated? Are matching accessory items such as brochure holders or trays available?


Trade Fair Component or Attractive Advertising Medium?

The various walls offer an ideal surface for the promotion of products or for the presentation of the company. Equipped with interesting graphics or motifs, your display attracts the attention of passers-by. At trade fairs, you can direct interested parties to your stand.

The presentation of your stand plays an enormous role in the success of your trade fair. An attractive exhibition wall is the ideal advertising space to attract visitors to your stand. Make it clear early on what your company and your products stand for.

By printing or easily attaching textile banners, you can ensure that the wall is attractively designed. The banners are easy to change, which means that different designs are always possible. This keeps your advertising changeable and up-to-date.

First and foremost, the trade fair walls are a component of the exhibition stand. The various wall elements can be used to build attention-grabbing trade fair stands. The elements separate your stand from other exhibitors. Of course, theme areas can also be attractively separated from each other in this way.

By separating areas, you create structure on your stand. You can direct the attention and walking paths of visitors. Different products can thus be moved into the field of vision of interested visitors.

The large exhibition walls, usually two metres high, attract the attention of potential customers from a distance. Lighting or backlighting in particular can enhance this effect. Equipped with an attractive textile banner, your trade fair presentation will be perfect.

The trade fair wall is classically used as an advertising medium. However, the wall can also be used for the effective dissemination of information. The various models can also be used as signposts or notice boards.

Use a high-quality illuminated wall to draw attention to your company. Transform the exhibition wall into a unique advertising pillar or a meaningful information display. The uniform backlighting of the display ensures that every display stands out from the crowd.

Various trade fair walls are suitable for achieving optimum results with your advertising. In addition to Roll-up and Pop-up Displays, many other models are available. Use the various models not only as a trade fair component, but also as an attractive information and advertising medium.

Practical keder rail systems

keder rail system for your exhibition stand

Flexible folding walls

Folding wall can be used as a mobile exhibition wall

Rimless textile stretch frames

Textile frame can be used as a exhibition wall

Large Selection for Your Next Trade Fair

In our online shop, we offer a large selection for the equipment of your next trade fair. The various models can be divided into further groups.

Among other things, entire structures are available. These usually consist of an aluminium or plastic base frame that can be easily modified or extended. These systems are defined by the fact that they can always be further extended or modified.

While the wall structures have a certain technology, movable walls impress with their simplicity. A movable wall can be easily erected and rearranged. By equipping them with different panels, they can be used as advertising space or interactively. An extension with a variety of wall elements can be implemented without any problems.

Folding walls are similar to movable walls in their simple handling and high mobility. However, they are also foldable. This means that these products offer even more flexibility in the design of the exhibition stand. It is child's play to partition off areas with nooks. They are ideal room dividers.

In contrast to folding and movable walls, pop-up systems have a certain depth. These types of exhibition walls can be set up quickly using a scissor grid system. The scissor grid ensures a firm stand with an optimal appearance. It can be optimally stowed away in a transport bag. The systems are available in straight or curved versions.

Just as with Pop-ups, textile banners are the main advertising media used for keder rail systems. The banners are inserted into the keder rail. This is not only quick to do, but also protects against slipping. Especially with ceiling suspensions, banners are optimally presented at the top and bottom with a keder rail.

Textile stretch frames usually have an aluminium base frame, which is then covered with textile banners. These banners can be replaced within a very short time. The stretch frames are available as floor stands or for ceiling and wall mounting. Wherever the banners are placed, they will show your advertising banners perfectly stretched.

You can also get these advertising banners printed with us. We can produce printed elements for your press wall, the pop-up stretch system, stretch frame stands and more. As an alternative to banners, some trade fair walls can be completely printed.

The various banners are set off particularly well by high-quality lighting. LED exhibition walls are available in various sizes and versions. There are individual wall elements that can be combined to form a huge illuminated wall. Innovative LED technology ensures uniform and high-quality illumination of your advertising.

Like most exhibition walls, the illuminated walls can be used on one or both sides. A barrier layer in the banner ensures that the banner does not shine through. For a one-sided presentation, a black block-out banner is suitable as a back wall. This prevents light from escaping to the back.

Ideally coordinated accessories complement every trade fair wall. In addition to items that facilitate handling, there are supplements for the presentation. The latter type includes certain shelves, brochure boxes or covers. These articles ensure that your exhibition presentation is perfected all round.

Suitable equipment such as transport bags or roller containers facilitate the transport and assembly of the exhibition walls. With the help of these items, the construction elements can be easily moved to and from the stand. Between trade fairs, they ensure compact and protective stowage. This supports the durability of the exhibition walls.


These Walls Make Your Appearance a Highlight

You too can rely on the positive effect of versatile exhibition walls. Whether in the form of a curved roll-up display, as a flexible folding wall or as a keder rail system.

Choose the right trade fair wall for your next event from the points of view of mobility and flexibility. Let our range inspire you and discover the right advertising medium for your product.

Decide on the exhibition wall that best suits your overall trade fair presentation. Secure the special flexibility and quality that will make your trade fair presentation a real highlight.
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