Partition walls are versatile and therefore ideally suited as elements for dividing rooms and presenting notices. 
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Partition walls for trade fairs and events

A partition wall or room divider is a mobile element used to divide a room. These elements are used for the presentation of information as well as a screen, room divider, partition and privacy screen. They can be found in public spaces, in clinics, museums and exhibitions, at trade fairs and congresses.

In offices, they can be used as room dividers to separate areas objectively, visually and acoustically. Partition walls can often be extended as required. Several walls can be used to separate entire areas or create new rooms.

There is a wide range of different Velcro or pinboard-like surfaces such as velour, laminate, textile and melamine. These types of surfaces turn your movable wall into a true design object. You can use the wall effectively for seminars, product presentations or at trade fairs to record important information.

In addition to holding information, notices or products can be presented on the walls. A simple room divider thus becomes an interactive medium that contributes its share to the atmosphere. The surfaces can be set centre stage with suitable lighting.

Flexible room partitioning with a system

Large rooms often look uncomfortable and sterile. This is exactly where a tactful division of the room works wonders. A partition or screen can provide a quick and effective remedy. Discover the right room divider for your needs.

Mobile partition walls are used in a wide variety of areas - depending on the desired function and the place of use. Partition walls can be used to separate desks from each other, to divide and separate teams or to act as privacy screens.

In addition, partitions often serve as room dividers. They provide individual employees with a little more privacy or peace and quiet. Partition walls are usually very functional. This is because they can usually be set up and taken down flexibly depending on the desired location.

How can a room divider be used at a trade fair? Room dividers also play a role at trade fairs or events. By placing a privacy screen, areas can be structured according to theme or area. Visitors can thus be guided through an exhibition stand or event in a targeted manner.

Our partition wall recommendations

The "Eco" Display Wall with aluminium folding frame is characterised by its adjustable mounting and any angle setting. Therefore, the article is a popular equipment product for trade fairs, events and exhibitions.

The Single-sided Partition Wall Set presents itself in a very timeless design. The model has a high-quality finish. As a result, this wall has a high degree of stability and ensures that it can be set up and dismantled in no time at all.

The board clamp can be freely rotated on the stand tube allowing the boards to be arranged in any order. The back of the magnetic board has an insensitive light grey surface made of melamine resin.

Especially at trade fairs or in exhibition rooms, a partition should of course not only divide the room. In addition, the item must fulfil a certain design aspect. And, of course, it must fit in with the corporate image of your company. You can get a combination of partition wall and effective display with the "OCTAfabric" Magnetic Holder System.

This system is a versatile banner display. It is free-standing on both sides and includes metal wall panels. By freely placing the magnetic wall panels, notices, articles and shelf displays can be freely placed.

Partition walls, dividers and more

In our online shop we offer partition walls and dividing wall systems. We also offer elements for their attachment in a wide variety of designs, materials and colours. Thanks to the practical and quick clip and clamp systems, the partitions can be set up anywhere and at any time and can be combined in any way.

Design your own personal partition system according to your needs. You can ensure the ideal, flexible design of your space and workplace. Contact us, we will be happy to advise you!

Alternatively, we also offer textile stretch frames or illuminated walls in exclusive designs. These items can also serve as movable walls by redefining or delimiting rooms.
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