Leaflet Holders and Product Display Stands

The leaflet holders and product display stands can be used to communicate with customers and employees. The displays can be placed centrally at the point of sale. Discover the articles in A4, A5 and many other sizes.
Brochure stands in various formats

Single Pocket Leaflet Holders

Floor displays in different versions

Floor Displays

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Tabletop Displays

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Successful Communication with Flyer Displays

Our displays can be placed anywhere in the sales area or directly on your sales counter. In this way, you are directly in the field of vision of the customer, visitor or employee. They are therefore directly confronted with the relevant advertising message or information. Sustainable communication is achieved through the use of display stands.

Instead of verbally pointing out certain measures, an information stand provides all the necessary information in the shortest possible time. It can alert visitors to procedures before they enter the shop. The intelligent design of the inserts ensures that your message is correctly understood by the recipient.

You can use inserts, flyers or other information sheets for non-verbal communication with people. These communication tools can be placed in flyer stands, brochure dispensers or information displays. The high-quality and simple displays present your content in an appealing way. Displaying them at the optimum reading angle can further enhance this effect.

Choose between different models to present your notices, advertising, offers or information in the right medium. Are you looking for a stand display for your point of sale? Do you need an attractive flyer stand in A5 format? Or do you want to present your inserts in a sustainable display?

Single Pocket Leaflet Holders as a Counter Display at the Point of Sale

You can present various leaflets or flyers clearly visible in a leaflet stand. The print media are stored neatly, organised and protected within the single or multi pocket leaflet holders. Interested people can easily remove them through a large recess.

The transparent material ensures that the design of the leaflets is visible from a distance. In this way, you can arouse the interest of visitors from afar with an appealing design. You can use the respective flyers or leaflets to communicate advertising messages as well as important information. Alternatively, these print media are ideal for communicating certain procedures and processes to people in a way that is easy to understand.

The respective flyer can be taken away and is still present long after the first contact. The display stand continues to present your content at the POS to draw the attention of the next person to the content. Decide on a display stand of your choice now!

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Table Displays in Various Formats

With classic L-stands, menu card holders or roof displays, you can place content attractively on the sales counter in no time at all. The inserts can usually be slid into the side of the display. This means that information sheets or notices can be replaced within a very short time.

Depending on the stand, there is space for various formats inside the display. The table displays are available in flyer formats, poster sizes such as A1 or the classic A4 size. Small formats or special sizes are also available on request. Discover the best display in the right format now!


Floor Stands: Sturdy Display Stands 

Especially at the point of sale, information needs to be presented to the customer in an appealing and understandable way. Good visibility of the inserts is also important here. Customers can easily be distracted by a wide selection of products or the hectic activity at the POS. A central placement and a high-quality display contribute to the increased visibility of the displays.

Various models are available for the respective area of application. You can choose whether you prefer your display to be free-standing or on a table or counter. You will find a large selection for both areas in our range.

A floor stand can be positioned in the centre of the customer's route. The displays are usually inclined at the optimum reading angle. Use single or double-sided presentations. Draw your customers' attention to the same or changing inserts from different directions.

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Sustainable Display and Flyer Stands

Are you looking for a sustainable flyer display? The displays made of corrugated cardboard, wood or cardboard are perfect for the sustainable display of notices or advertising content. The materials conserve finite resources as they are made from renewable raw materials. Discover the various floor displays, counter displays or flyer dispensers.

You can also find models for different formats and areas of use here. The items made from various natural materials impress with their durability and natural look. Discover the sustainable displays for your communication policy now. Choose the right display for your area of application and present yourself and your company in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way.

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