Information signs can be found in various options. They are among the indispensable items for optimising safety and clarifying risks in companies.
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Signalling and unmistakable

In addition to legally required notices, there are many other copies to draw the attention of customers and employees to dangers. Ensure safety at work and on company premises with the photoluminescent signs and striking pictograms. Choose the right sign to prevent damage to property and personal injury.

When referring to certain measures or precautions, it is important to communicate the information unambiguously. The articles provide legally stipulated information as well as information about possible dangers and restrictions. With these different topics it is important that you as an entrepreneur inform about them. But even more important is that customers or even employees notice the signs.

How can you ensure that the various information signs are not overlooked? The expressiveness of the signs can be enhanced by the choice of colours, an attractive design and by the placement. Signal colours such as red or green draw attention to themselves. The appearance of the signs can be further enhanced by an attractive print. In this way, messages and information can be reinforced by using eye-catching colours.

The placement and position of the sign has a direct effect on the perception of customers, visitors and passers-by. With the different solutions in our shop you not only inform at different heights. At the same time, you can also choose from a variety of mounting options. This allows you to display notices at the viewing height of your choice.

Which mounting is ideal for your company or situation? Depending on the location and the local conditions, different signs are suitable. The service life of the sign also plays a role. Is the information to be provided only briefly or is it a permanent indication that is to be attached for the long term?

Do you want to draw attention in front of the entrance or in the sales room? A floor stand or roll banner is mobile and can be placed anywhere. With a high stability at the same time, these articles can be quickly dismantled or converted. This promotes flexibility when informing about current circumstances.

Are you looking for signs to be attached to doors, walls or similar shop fitting objects? Pictograms and signs as suction cup film or stickers are ideal for this purpose. they are easy to apply and can be placed on various surfaces. After use, the signs can be easily removed again.


Possibilities in business equipment

Signs are not only used as mere signs in the various companies. The important components of the business equipment serve as signposts, mandatory signs or commandment signs. In general, they serve to communicate various topics to customers or even employees.

Due to the current hygiene requirements of the Federal Government, more information than usual must be provided in shops, public institutions and practices, for example. In addition to the minimum distance, it is also suitable for informing about possibilities for disinfection or the wearing of a face mask.

The topics mentioned above are measures for hygiene protection and general safety. Since the precautions for safety and hygiene in companies can have an influence on the personal health of employees and visitors, clear information is essential.

The articles presented here will help you to communicate clearly with customers and create trust. In this way, you can strengthen customer loyalty by providing detailed information, which can have a positive effect on sales. Decide in favour of clear and comprehensive information with information signs.

The illustrated and many other motifs, pictograms and signs are available online. An in-house print shop opens up further possibilities in the design and adaptation of the various information signs. We will be happy to advise you on the various products at any time!

Are you looking for further options to inform effectively? Floor stickers are also suitable for conveying precautions, safety instructions or other information. By placing them on the floor, they can be applied in many different ways and attract the attention of passers-by, customers and employees.

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