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Exhibit, inform and advertise attractively

You and your company want to present yourself in the best possible way? This includes the proper and attractive display of printed media. No matter whether they are informative, advertising or of a different nature. Floor stands ensure that your content is presented in an attractive way. They can be set up flexibly in the sales room, on the exhibition stand or at the reception.

Floor displays are recommended due to their simple placement. The stands are used wherever you want to advertise and inform. Quickly set up and with high stability they are not only suitable for long-term use. Our models are also recommended for spontaneous, short applications.

This allows you to draw attention to information, offers or specific situations in an appealing and striking way, even at short notice. The various floor stands ensure that the information media are perceived more clearly. Passers-by and customers are pointed to the notice at an ideal viewing height.

Inside the exhibition displays and information stands there is room for contents of different sizes. Classic formats such as A4, A3 or even A1 are easy to insert. There is also space for several inserts at the same time. In this way, a multi-page or more comprehensive presentation is also possible.

The simple click frame technology, or inserts of the various displays make it easy to change the print media. Short-term changes or adaptations are therefore possible in the shortest possible time. The respective profile holds the inserts in position. At the same time, the paper inserts are protected from external influences such as dirt.


Generate more Attention from Customers

With our floor stands for information leaflets, stands for posters and information displays, you can design your business premises in a customer-friendly and sales-promoting manner. Their shapely and attractive design arouses the interest of your customers. At the same time, the display presents your company professionally.

Whether as a signpost in entrance areas, for product descriptions at trade fairs, for price marking in sales rooms or as an information board at events. There are no limits to its use. Your customers, visitors and guests will always be well informed.
Floor stands and displays in DIN sizes
Compared to conventional poster pockets or self-adhesive covers, floor stands usually generate even more attention. Due to their efficient placement, the floor displays are directly in the path of the customer or passer-by. The customer is directly confronted with the message of the insert. This leads to the effective display of information, advertising or even prices.

But how do you find the right model for your area of use? Advertising stands are used everywhere. They are basic elements of shop and business equipment and an important part of sales promotion. Due to different characteristics, the floor stands are more or less recommended for your business.

Are you looking for a model for indoor use only? Floor stands are a real eye-catcher not only in the sales room. In the outdoor area they generate undivided interest as A-Boards. In the outdoor area, they can turn a large number of people into interested parties.

In addition to large-scale advertising, multi-page presentation also plays a role for some companies. An x-page presentation can attract the attention of several customers at the same time. Additional interest can also be aroused by lighting. Floor stands illuminated with LED backlight the contents in a high-quality way. The various information stands can be used for large-scale advertising or several contents can be displayed simultaneously.

The different versions of floor stands provide your posters with extra interest from customers and visitors. They are suitable for addressing a specific group as well as for mass marketing.

Our Products for your Range of Use

Our product range provides you with a wide selection for your sales promotion. In addition to classic information stands, multi pocket info displays and promotional columns, you will also discover beautifully designed easels. The range offers you countless designs and presentation areas.

Information stands can be used for any purpose. The information displays can be quickly fitted with new posters and serve optimally as signposts, information boards or even as advertising media. Contents can be optimally displayed in various orientations.

Our multi pocket info displays are particularly suitable for estate agents or travel agency. With up to 20 insert pockets, a large number of different contents can be advertised. The displays with a silver anodised surface fit quickly into any environment.

Classic poster and billboard formats find room in many of the floor stands. However, poster stands or A-Boards are best suited for this. In outdoor areas, you can also use pavement signs and WindSigns permanently as outdoor advertising.

Also suitable for outdoor use are pallet stands. The stand can be attached directly to the pallet and is therefore located in the immediate vicinity of the product. This means that the pallet stands are also recommended for attractive price labelling.

While the floor stands mentioned so far offer space for posters, easels stand for individual design. The chalk boards on the easels can be designed with chalk markers. Due to the easy cleaning of the boards, new contents or offers can be advertised shortly.

The easels are available in various sizes, on which the chalk boards made of wood or plastic find room. As sandwich boards they are often used outdoors. This type of floor stand primarily stands for a natural presentation and free design.

Customised Floor Stands manufactured and printed

We are manufacturers of various floor stands and can also print your display according to your wishes. The printing on header sign or frame of the floor stand provides additional identification with your company. Names, logos, colours or other imprints are easily possible.

A further modification can be realised with additional accessories. On the one hand, you will receive equipment for the basic equipment as well as additional articles. Brochure compartments, brochure racks and insert pockets make your advertising presence complete. In addition to exhibited advertising or notices, leaflets can be advertised.

Thus you give passers-by something to take with them on their way, which will remind them of your company even longer. Blister hooks can be used to offer products, give-aways or hygiene articles. Furthermore, the floor stands can be extended by further advertising spaces. Additional banners, click frames and insert frames can be quickly attached.

Covers, base plates or replacement elements are available as extensions to the basic equipment of your floor display. The covers in the appropriate format ensure the protection of your inserts. With additional base plates you can equip your information display perfectly.

Let us advise you on your possibilities. With extensive accessories and high-quality printing options, nothing stands in the way of exclusive customisation. If you have any questions about the floor stands or for assistance with the design, we are always available.
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