Hygiene Dispenser with Sensor or Lever Function

Create the option of contactless disinfection in your shop or business. By means of hygienic dispensers with sensor, hand disinfection is automatic. Alternatively we offer manual models with lever. Discover our dispensers for the wall or free-standing disinfection stands

You can obtain disinfection dispensers for various areas of application from us. Besides the classic hygiene stations, true high-performance stations are available. Establish hygienic standards for employees, customers and visitors. Discover manual and automatic hygiene dispensers now!

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High-performance Hygiene Dispensers

Ideal for every Industry and Location

Hygiene and hygiene standards are becoming increasingly important issues for the population. Via the palms of their hands and through contact with objects that are heavily frequented, people pick up bacteria again and again. Especially when travelling it is very difficult to find an opportunity to clean your hands.

Disinfectant dispensers provide a remedy on the road and in public spaces. Bacteria, viruses or pathogens can no longer harm the person within seconds. Careful disinfection with an appropriate disinfectant is sufficient. In times of disease waves, the disinfection displays give people security. They can reduce the risk of infection.

For this very reason, hygiene dispensers of all kinds enjoy great popularity. That is why you can find the wall or free-standing versions in shops, supermarkets, practices or offices. The use of our dispensers is also recommended in many other areas. With the placement of such a hygiene display, you do not only offer a great service for customers, patients or visitors.

Employees also benefit from the new hygiene station. At highly frequented areas, next to doors or stamp clocks, the hygiene dispenser can also support the health of your staff. Contribute to the health of customers and staff. Equip the workplace of your employees optimally and provide a pleasant and hygienic atmosphere.

Quite incidentally, the dispenser has an impact on the external image of your company. Present your company professionally and service-oriented. Even from a distance people notice the respective disinfection collumn. Potential buyers and interested parties are thus attracted to buy from you. Thus the hygiene dispenser has a positive effect on your sales promotion.

This additional attention is not only beneficial in pedestrian zones or shopping centres. Companies in all sectors as well as public and cultural institutions benefit from it. With the automatic and manual hygiene stations you will be positively remembered.
Hygienestation „Score“ mit Steripower-Desinfektionsgerät

Great Benefit with little Effort

With a hygiene dispenser you also offer an option to disinfect your hands while shopping or on the road. This is very popular with customers, passers-by and patients. At the same time you hardly have to work with the hygiene station. It is easy to handle, has a sufficient tank and is self-explanatory.

Free-standing disinfection columns can be placed anywhere in the room. The wall-mounted version can be attached to any wall in a short time with the supplied mounting bracket. Alternatively, you can use the article with a mains adapter or with a rechargeable battery (depending on the article). With the manual hygiene dispensers this step is of course not necessary.

After installation, fill the tank of the wall or floor version with disinfectant. For the models with sensor, the dosage quantity can also be adjusted. And the hygiene dispenser is ready for operation. Only the disinfectant is missing.

There are a number of things to consider when selecting the appropriate disinfectant. There are different types, which also differ in their effect. Some only have a bactericidal effect, others have a limited virucidal or even completely virucidal effect. By selecting a virucidal disinfectant, you can ensure that it is also effective against unenveloped viruses.

The respective agent is poured into tanks of different sizes. The respective size of the tank should be adapted to its place of use. The optimum tank size ensures that you only need to fill up the disinfectant infrequently.

Optimal dosage

Battery operation

Strengthening customer loyalty

Easy handling

From one hygiene stand to another, the method of refilling can vary. But in all of them the filling up of the tank is easy and very fast. Moreover, the tank is never at an impractical height. This allows employees of different sizes to change the tank.

The height of the stand also plays a role in its use. Our disinfection dispensers are usually located at a height of about 1 meter, so that it can be reached by people of different sizes and all ages. The further use of the different models is self-explanatory.

If disinfectant does not end up on the hand, it ends up in a collection tray. Excess liquid, which would otherwise end up on the floor, is collected. Slippery spots on the floor are thus optimally prevented.

Instructions for optimal hand disinfection can be stored in a click frame or digital picture frame. Alternatively, you can also use it for advertising or passing on information. Everyone who uses the hygiene station is immediately confronted with your message.

Hygiene Dispenser with Sensor

Hygienespender mit Sensor

Manual Hygiene Dispenser

Hygienespender mit Hebel Funktion

Criteria for the Selection of your Hygiene Dispenser

When choosing the optimal article for you, some criteria are decisive. First of all you should be clear about the area of application. Where do you want to place the hygiene dispenser? Is there room for a stand-alone version?

Or do you want to place the dispenser on the wall to save space? If the last statement applies to you, our disinfection dispensers for the wall are an option for you. As an alternative you will find many different free-standing disinfection columns. Both versions are available with or without automatic sensor.

An automatic sensor enables the contactless use of a hygiene station. Also the dosing quantity can be optimally adjusted. In this way, you take the decision about the amount of disinfectant from passers-by in advance. This leads to the fact that not so much of it is consumed and a tank lasts longer.

Hygiene dispensers without sensor are operated manually with a lever. This can be easily operated with the elbow, so that hygienic use is also ensured here. The manual operation allows the user to decide on the dosage quantity.

For an ideal hand disinfection usually only a walnut-sized quantity is necessary. It is only important that the entire skin of the hands is moistened with the product. For optimal disinfection, experts recommend a duration of approx. 30 seconds.

How busy is the location?

Automatic or manual use?

Do you prefer a wall or floor version?

How long should one tank last?

Do you want to provide customers with a free-standing disinfection display for optimal hand disinfection? Especially in the area of the free-standing versions you have a large selection of different models. Here another criterion is also decisive. How busy is your application area?

Among the hygiene stands you will find high-performance versions in addition to the classic models. These hygiene stations have storage space for up to 45l disinfectant. Thus, up to 20,000 people can be supplied with one tank. The sensor is also specialized for permanent use. Equipped with an infrared sensor, the station is perfectly suited for use in public areas.

In heavily frequented areas or at events, these models come into their own. The large tank ensures that your employees hardly have to worry about the station. The tank is lockable and therefore only accessible to you.

Last but not least, the operation of your hygiene station will certainly play a role. Automatic hygiene dispensers need electricity. In addition to batteries, you will also find stations with power supply units in our range.

Is there a power connection at the place of use? If not, the operation with battery is certainly decisive for you. Replacement batteries ensure that the hygiene stands can be used throughout. The criteria mentioned above are important companions when choosing the right hygiene station. If you have any further questions or requests, we will of course be happy to advise you.

Want some advice?

Do you have further questions about the hygiene dispensers? Would you like to order a device with printing or labelling? If you have any questions, suggestions or requests, please do not hesitate to contact us.

As an expert in shop fittings and business equipment, we offer you everything you need to comply with hygienic standards. We can also offer various techniques for the finishing of products. In addition to click frames and digital picture frames, we also produce printed labels for disinfectant dispensers.

Our articles are suitable for various fields of application. Get in contact with us. Together we will find the ideal hygiene dispenser for your company.

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